Teach Yourself to Play Guitar

So you really like her and you want to win her heart. Well, honey, your techniques have been so wrong from the start. Because she has a boyfriend and you’re really not too cool. So here’s a secret guaranteed to make the ladies drool. Teach yourself to play guitar. I […] Read more »

The World has Changed a Lot

Listen to the audio and read the subtitles. Pause the video and look up vocabulary if you miss a word. The world has changed a lot. What changes have you noticed? Read more »

Advanced Listening and Vocabulary

Click the button to get subtitles and follow the transcript. Metaphors and Other Figures of Speech democracy is the most fragile of flowers a flourishing capitalism our neck of the woods the Twin Peaks paradox Twin peaks was a television show. Read about it on wikipedia. the mountain of debts […] Read more »

Bang Bang – you shot me down

Guns and Shooting This is a complex song. “Bang bang” is the sound a gun makes whe children play. What is the sound a child makes when he fires a toy gun in your language? The singer reflects on a childhood game of shooting guns. Later she talks about wedding […] Read more »

What do you know about Adani?

Adani is a huge mining company which wants to start the largest open-cut coal mine in the southern hemisphere. What do you know about this company? Listening Comprehension Questions Watch the video and write answers to the questions in the comments section below. How many mines does the company plan […] Read more »

Songs about Money

We live in age of rampant materialism. What can we do about it? How can we change it? It is not about the money When we say “it is not about the money” or “it is not about the car”” or it is not about the dog” we mean “that […] Read more »

Do you like to dance?

Is dancing popular in your society? This song is about a young girl dancing at a disco. She is “having the time of her life”. She is very happy. She is young and beautiful and happy. She is in the prime of her life. Have your attitudes changed as you […] Read more »