Be Aware

Be Aware is a free English language course. It comes by by email. It consists of five lessons. Each lesson is about one of the free recordings on this site.

With Be Aware, you can improve your English speaking and listening. You can also become more aware of English grammar in context.

To get these free Be Aware lessons, just enter your name and email in the box below.

Note: We respect your privacy and will NEVER share your email with anyone else.

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121 Responses to “Be Aware”

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  1. kim diep says:

    where are you from?

  2. Kelly says:

    I just purchased the lesson and I have a problem download with THE WATER CAR.

  3. hi my name is badilatef king hajji i’m from somalia iwant to learn english but i have problem at the side of lesten so my question how can i emprove my leten as soon as possible thank you

  4. soutib says:

    hi my name is soutib, your new student. i’m Lao.
    nice to know so good website like yours

  5. abbasy says:

    hi,i want to improve english laugage by listing and speaking in good mannar.Plz help me i shall very thank ful to you.

  6. nuuh says:

    my names nuuh iam stay in somalia so i want how to improve my inglish language ok thanks

  7. margarita says:

    hi, i am very hapy, for your lessons. thaky very much!

  8. yaya says:

    Actually, I’ve problems with speaking. I just don’t know what to talked about. My head suddenly blanked. And when I speak, I kind of like thinking the sentence wether it’s right or not. So, the words that came up from my mouth sounds like a bit weird. I’m good at reading but not speaking. I think, i’m just too nervous and lack of confidence. Could you help me to solve this problem??

    • jablimn says:

      Hi, yaya this not a problem at all people from every corner of the world has same proble. a goog solution aht i suggest is………

      read english what ever u like continuously for a month (best is novels which holds u till the end) and simulataneously talk to a very close one (they should have a petience to talk to u for an hour or more per day).

      see the changes…u will statt talk to every one with the same onfidence as with ur close one…

      best of luck…

      • ViewThailand says:

        Thank you so much 🙂
        I have this problem too, and I have a chance to work as a receiptionist then use English skill around 20% of patients.

        I will try like everbody in this website

  9. Hi,my name is angella,its a blessing to be able to do english in this fashion with you.God blessed.

  10. Isty says:

    Hello,, I’ve received some of “be Aware” learning from Aaron and Mark, so I wanna to thanks a lot. But till this time I haven’t been able to practice it well. Beside, I need some lessons ebout grammar aspecially in reading,writing in order to making my English better. Thanks.

  11. Lan says:

    Hello, i’m Lan from Vietnam
    I love E and want to used it well.
    Let u talk to me.

  12. Loyana says:


    My name’s Loyana and I teach English in Brazil. I simply loved the website.

    I have been using the Mosquito City episodes in my private classes to develop listening, reading and comprehension skills.

    The students like it a lot and everybody finds it’s fun.

    Thank you for sharing


  13. pazhohan says:

    i realy love english please help me

  14. Suleiman Omer Moh. says:

    I wont to buy water car but ia m didnot now how baid the sum it prise thier is no visa card how i could trasfair the sum of mony to their post sanks for you hlep,your sencery

  15. Suleiman Omer Moh. says:

    I wont to buy water car but ia m didnot understand how baid the sum it prise thier is no visa card how i could trasfair the sum of mony to their post sanks for you hlep,your sencery

  16. Suleiman Omer Moh. says:

    I wont to buy water car but ia m didnot understand how baid the sum it prise thier is no visa card how i could transfair the sum of mony to their post sanks for you hlep,your sencery

  17. Anastasia says:

    Thanks for this course! I’m from Russia, I love English and You really help me with my learning!

  18. Arshad Ali says:

    day to day conversation on general publice life, etc.

  19. bilen says:

    Hi I wanna more knows english reading & writing easy for me,but listning & speaking is too hard of me so how can to improve it.thankyou.

  20. zaheer says:

    i want to speak English language course

  21. Bakhtiar says:

    My name is Amin i would like to practice English and improve it to better . Plz add add my yahoo id

  22. Janci says:

    Hi, I am from Slovakia

  23. Erdenebat says:

    I.m from mongolia

  24. Svetla says:

    Hello, I am from Bulgaria and I want learn English good

  25. suzan says:

    Hi. im from lebanon

  26. hello hello hello what a wonderful word….. hello

    hi my name is rio, im from indonesia

    please be my english partner by ad my yahoo messenger

    thank u, have a good day everyone

  27. samer says:

    hi, i am samer from syria,i want to learn english so if anybody can help >

    connect me by mail:

  28. ayman says:

    Iam from Egypt and I like this website

  29. roni says:

    hy i’m roni from east kalimantan,tarakan,indonesian,
    i want to learn english…because i feel my english is not good.
    so i need help that i can.

  30. lorena says:

    hi! I”m Lorena from Philippines.. Is there anyone, have a nice heart that can help me and teach me to improve my English conversation. Please add my Thank You very much.. God Bless;

  31. Rania says:

    Hi i got lesson 2 yesterday “where are you from” but i didn’t get audio of that lesson pls if you read this could you send me: with reply to this post

    thank you

  32. Phuong says:

    hi everybdy, i like English but not fluently, please help and teach me , i thanks very much

  33. AGISSON says:


    I’m improving my English. But i don’t speak it fluently.

  34. Dominik says:


    My names is Dominik I from Poland but a living in England. I would like to improve my English. I looking for a new friends. We can learning English together. Just add my email and send message.

  35. AIDROS MOHMMED says:


  36. saif says:


  37. Flory says:

    My name is Flory and I am from Bucharest, Romania.
    Have a nice day!

  38. ESRAA says:


  39. dinz says:

    hi im zackdinz from malaysia, my englsih is not good, can anybody teach me how to speak english in the good manner? skype id is zackdinz

  40. dian says:

    hi im dian want to improve my english…

  41. idhrees says:


    SKYPE ID: idhrees89

  42. rizal says:

    my name is rizal,
    i’m from indonesia.
    i’m want to increase my english conversation.
    so i want to looking for new friend in this group.
    my skype id : rizal_saja

    thanks in advance.

  43. chinthaka says:

    i would like 2 have a vedio chat with eny one who wish

  44. Raj says:

    hey i also want to increase my english spoken fluntly.

  45. warda says:

    i know each one of you want to learn or to make a conversation in english actually….me too…this is my email… .and this is my pseudonym on skype…”dadicold”.peace out .

  46. khamphoungeun says:

    hello every one I want go have friend for talking English together
    if you have time please talk to me. I hope we can communicate and enjoy with our conversation

    • Soleen says:

      Hello, yes, I’m ok with you if you want we talk in English, but sorry mine is very bad, my skype is Soleen86, thank you very much,

  47. Soleen says:

    Hi, I’m Soleen from Paris, before all I would like to thank all our teachers, I’m gratfull,
    Actually my problem is that, I know a lot of words but I cannot use them,
    now I’m looking for people who can help me with my Eglish, in return I do the same with French! please if you are interesting emial me or skype me SOLEEN86 Im waiting for you, thank you everybody; Soleen,

  48. karim says:


  49. Nadeem says:

    Hi, every one hope you are all quite well and be happy
    I want learn English, speaking and grammar to my social network friend so I invite you all please help me Almighty helps you in all the way.

    take care and best regards
    skype ID

  50. Imran says:

    plz connect me of skype id

  51. beshahbelete says:

    My name is beshah Belete Iam from Ethiopia I want to improve my poor english conversatio.So that Ineed help how can I be come good english speaker.

  52. beshahbelete says:

    My name is Beshah Belete I am from Ethiopia I want to improve my poor english conversation.Ineed help So that how can i improve.

  53. beshahbelete says:

    My name is Beshah Belete I am from Ethiopia I want to improve my poor english conversatin .So that I need help how can I be com good english speaker.

  54. Aung Kyaw Moe says:

    Dear ..

    I am an English Teacher in Myanmar and I have not got a chance to learn but I did by doing my self as tourism has increased this year I wish to help more and more people in my area. Or even if you or someone can come to Myanmar ( Burma ) and help us teaching english will be the best

    Aung Kyaw Moe
    MCC-Taunggyi II

  55. Shivangi bansal says:

    l m not that much bad in english, but when it comes to speak fluently their I lack.. Do suggest me something..please

  56. Olteanu Sorin says:

    Hi everybody

    If you want to speak a lot with a partner,you could talk with me. We could talk any subject everyday. Think about it,it”ll be fun and will learn english too!

    or my skype ID: sorin_scouse

    my messenger ID: olteanu_sorin_1990

    my e-mail:

  57. fathax says:

    Hi want to inprove my english so plz adding my skype;ID is abdifataah.rooble thnx

  58. naima el mazgouri says:

    hi i’m from morocco, and i hope so to improve my english for this reason i need to discus with someone who has a good level in this language.thanks for your help 🙂

  59. Max'ed Shabeele says:

    Hi! to all workers of this site.
    I from Somalia especially Awdal region. I want to improve my English language, so, how it can be possible.
    I’m waiting for you.

  60. nevin says:

    hi to all
    i am from egypt i want to improve my english speaking , so i am searching for free discus with others thanks for all for your help

  61. gaurav kaushik says:

    i want to improvre my English any body can join me

  62. bothaina says:

    hi all, i am bothaina need to improve my english conversation skills.we can make a confereence skype call to make the benefit wider.
    my skype id is : bothaina 121

  63. Fouad says:

    I hope everything goes well to you.

  64. Maxamed says:

    I am from somalia, i want to imporve for this languege. Thanks for the worker.all welcome

  65. fara says:

    i m in bangladeshi

  66. dawood says:

    plz send us lesson to improve our english

  67. pais says:

    Hello, my name is pais. I come from Indonesia, i love it english language but i am quite difficult to improve my phonetic sound. Would you give
    me some advices to my problems? Thank you your replay….

  68. pais says:

    Hello, my name is pais. I come from Indonesia, i love it english language but i am quite difficult to improve my phonetic sound. Would you give
    me some advices to my problems? Thank you your reply….

  69. Luciana says:

    Hello, I’m a girl from Brazil. I want to improve my english. Can you help me?

    Thank you

  70. rony says:

    Hi evertbody whats up? Im rony im a salesman and i hv got a speaking problem which i face everday i cant speak english fluently with my costumers ,so in this regard i need a good partner who must be fluent at english please join me in skype or email me thanks regards rony..

  71. Romão Sobrinho says:

    My name is Romão and i would like to improve my english ,so That we help one other

  72. amira says:

    I want to improve my English language so I like to talk and someone
    Corrected my mistakes so my Email address is
    Try to send me I’ll be happy

  73. amira says:

    Hi I want to improve my English by chat or talking please
    Add me .my Skype ID is:Cute Miro 2.

  74. jorge luis massango says:

    Hi everyonem here is george, i am from mozambique and i want to improve my inglish, i want to speak fluently that is one of my problem so if someone is interested to help me, you can join in my e-mail:


  75. Gabriele says:

    hi to all
    i am from Italyi want to improve my english speaking ,
    I’m looking for free discus with others
    Thank you very much for your help!!

    • peter orad says:

      How are you my dear, I am from south Sudan am looking for friends to chat to fortify my language, I will be happy for your help.

  76. sagayamarie.J says:

    I want this be aware English speaking course. please send me the lessons.

  77. FAROOQ says:

    Dear Sir

    Please send me “Be Aware free English language course”


  78. Alejo says:

    Hello English Conversations,
    I would like to receive this course.
    Thank you very much!

  79. priyanka says:

    I want to improve my speeking skills..please send me the lessons

  80. Abdinaasir says:

    Hi all of you ,iam from somaliland iam so interesting for this site to learn english

  81. Siti says:

    Hi English Conversations
    I need to improve my English skills, so please help me learning it.
    Thank you.

  82. sathya says:

    Hello sir..
    I would like to improve my English please help me.
    Thank u .

  83. Bet says:

    I am Beatrice from malaysia and my english conversation very bad, i am working in hotel industry and my job need me to speak in english everyday because i met many of differend people from differend country
    I need help

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