The Catwalk

In the fashion industry, fashion models walk the catwalk to model new clothes.

In construction, a catwalk is a suspended walkway between two areas.

Universal City is above the earth so it has many catwalks between buildings.

The Construction Worker and the Flight Attendant

A construction worker and a flight attendant were sitting in a bar.

The construction worker was eating sushi and drinking coffee and talking to the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was drinking an amphetamine drink and talking to the construction worker about her problem.

Suddenly the woman stood up and knocked over her drink. She ran out of the bar without paying.

The robot barman pressed the buzzer and Uncle Ginzo appeared.

“What happened?” said Uncle Ginzo.

The Use of Relative Clauses to add details

“It was the flight attendant” said the construction worker, who was a regular customer. Don’t worry. I will pay for her drink.”

“It is not important” smiled Uncle Ginzo.

“It is not important” said Uncle Ginzo, who was a bird painter.

“I insist” said the construction worker. He took out his MIC card.

“I insist” said the construction worker, who was an MIC card holder.

The construction worker swiped his card to pay for the flight attendant’s drink then he walked out of the bar and looked about. He could see the woman a little way off. She was peering over the edge of the catwalk.

The flight attendant, who had not paid for her drink, was peering over the catwalk.

The construction worker walked up to her.

“Are you ok?” he said?

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