Katrina Fashion

on the platform
at moriza

Katrina Fashion was an upmarket fashion store on Pillar Nineteen. It catered for people from the upper levels who came down from Guitar House and the other residential estates.

Julia Smith liked to shop there and then meet her friends at the beer garden next door but she never drank beer. She never drank beer because it was fattening. She only drank wine. Sometimes, if she had too much to drink, she could not drive and a robot drove her home.

She had a robot nanny to take care of her children and the robot nanny came and picked her up. It came on the train then drove her home.

By the time the robot arrived, Julia was sober and ready to drive anyway. The robot was so slow.

Julia felt frustrated.

She did not like the nanny robot. There was something wrong with it. It irritated her.
She made a silent decision to speak to Winston about it. Maybe they could trade it in at Vortik’s.

Link to the broken robot

The Owner of Katrina Fashion

The owner of Katrina Fashion was Katrina Vortik. She was the daughter of Abraham Vortik.

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