The Three Doors of Hell – a joke

A man died and went to Hell.

Meeting and Greeting

He was met by a migrant worker. It was not the Devil himself. It was just a subcontractor from Universal City. His name was Manuel. He worked in Hell but he was not dead. he was a non-resident alien with a temporary work visa.

Manuel was wearing a red uniform with a yellow high visibility safety shirt. He worked in the furnace usually but he also met new arrivals.

Three Doors

The dead man looked inside the first doorway and saw snow and ice. People were freezing. He did not go in there.

He looked inside the second door. People were burning.

“That is where I usually work” said Manuel.”Jimmy Vac usually does this job but I am filling in for him today.”

“I don’t want to go int there” said the condemned man.

“Try the third door” said Manuel.

The man looked inside the third door and saw a crowd of people up to their necks in a sea of shit. They were holding cups and saucers and drinking tea.

What kind of tea was it?
How was it prepared?

“I will take the third door” said the condemned man.

Manuel gave him a cup of tea and he waded into the sea of shit, which was up to his neck. he stood there and sipped his tea. It was warm and aromatic.

“This is not so bad” he said to the fellow next to him.

“Wait until the devil starts driving his speedboat around” said the other man.


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