The Broken Robot

“Robot” means “work”. It means “work” in the “Czech” language. The word comes from a novel by a Czech novelist.

Winston Smith‘s robot did not work. It was a nanny robot but it had been converted from a pleasure model. It had been used in the off world colonies by military and security personnel and it had been taken to the ooze by top down maintenance crews. It had been inside most of the main structural pillars of Universal City in this sector and it had about two dozen miscellaneous human parts.

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had been converted
had been used
had been taken
had been inside

The name of the robot was Grace. She had scars on her face and lines around her eyes but her smile was still beautiful and Winston liked to look at her. He actually stared at her. He just stared. He knew it was rude but she was a machine.

“Your wife called” said Grace as Winston walked in with the pizza and the milk and mower fuel. “She got tired of waiting for milk for her coffee so she went out and had a coffee at one of the coffee shops near Katrina Fashion.

“When is she coming back?” said Winston.

“She wants me to pick her up thirty minutes ago” said Grace.

“Why didn’t you take the train down to get her?”

“I have to mind the children.”

“The children are old enough to look after themselves.”

“Not according to my programming.”

“She will be angry.”

“She will.”

Do you get angry?

What do you do when you get angry?

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