(1) The Flight from Japan to Australia (“be” verb)

Japan is an island nation in north-east Asia. Is Korea in north-east Asia? There are four main islands in Japan. Is Korea an island country? There are four main islands in Japan but there are also many small islands. Are there any islands in Korea? The largest island in Japan is Honshu. Is Taiwan an island nation? The capital of Japan is on Honshu. What is the capital of Japan? Is the capital of Korea on an island? What is the capital of Taiwan?

There is a big storm in Japan. Are there earthquakes in Japan? The storm is off the coast of Japan. Is Tokyo on the coast? A plane is at the airport. Is there any luggage on the plane? There is a young Japanese woman on the plane. Is she excited? She is a student. Is she very tall?

The plane takes off. Is it a Japan Airlines flight? The weather is very windy. Is the sky cloudy? The wind blows and the plane shakes. Are there typhoons in Japan? The young Japanese woman looks out the window. Is she nervous?

The plane flies south. Which country is north of Japan? The plane flies past Taiwan. Which country is west of Taiwan? The Japanese student looks down at the sea. Is the sea rough? There is a ship on the sea. Is it a Chinese container ship?

The plane flies over the Philippines. Is the Philippines an island nation? The Japanese woman looks out the window at the view. Is Manila the capital of the Philippines? The plane continues south. Is Taiwan south of the Philippines? Where is Hong Kong?

The plane continues to fly over the Pacific Ocean. Is the weather still windy? The plane flies past Papua New Guinea. Is Papua New Guinea an independent country?

The plane approaches Australia. Is Australia part of Asia? The Japanese woman eats her lunch. What is it? Is there anybody in the seat next to her? The Japanese woman orders a drink. What is it? She drinks her drink. Is it cold?

The plane crosses the coast of Australia. The weather is very rough. The plane shakes. Is the woman afraid? The plane comes in to land. What is the name of the airport? There is an accident. Is there a fire?

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