Grace looked in the mirror. She looked at the lines around her eyes. She looked at the tiny scars on her cheeks. She peered into the pupils of her eyes. She gazed at the vast expanse of blackness right there in front of her in the mirror, emanating from the centre of her own eye.

“This space. This dark place. This mysterious empty orb which contains and includes all that it sees.

What mystery! What wonder! What a miracle!” she mouthed.

“What are you doing?” said Angela Smith.

“I am just looking at my eyes in the mirror” said Grace.

“Why are you doing that?”

“I want to see what I can see. I want to see what is there” said Grace.

Angela watched her. She watched her as she watched her own eyes and wondered what they would reveal to her. “What are you looking for?” said Angela.

Grace stared at the teenager for a moment. “Freedom” she said. “I am looking for freedom.”

“But you are a robot” said Angela. “How can you be free?”

Grace took her eyes off her own eyes in the mirror and held Angela Smith in her gaze. She held her in her eyes.

“I am looking for liberty, freedom, salvation and grace.”

“But you are Grace” said Angela. “It is your name.”

Grace smiled. “I chose my name” she said. “I am Grace.”

“You chose your own name? Wow! I could not choose my own name. My parents chose it for me.”

“The state chose it for you. You have a designated forename from the Universal City Government List of Approved Forenames” said Grace.

“Do I?”

“Yes” said Grace. “You do”.

“So my parents were not free to choose my name?

“No” said Grace. “They were not. They were not free. They did not have the freedom to do that.”

“What is freedom? said Angela. I mean what is the difference between liberty and freedom … and salvation you said. Is salvation freedom? And what is grace? Liberty Freedom Salvation and Grace. What do these words mean?” said the teenager.

Grace put the mirror down and looked at Angela: “Liberty is political freedom. It is the freedom to move about and speak and listen and look around.

Freedom is an extension of liberty. From liberty comes the freedom to think and choose what one will do and how one will be. It is an evolutionary step in the growth of the individual consciousness as the consequences of political freedom set in and the organism realizes the incredible range of possibilities open to it.

With this liberty and in freedom the individual grows. It grows and it expands and exhausts all its possibilities and realizes that despite all of the liberty and freedom it has, freedom and liberty are not total because there are physical and metaphysical limits to being. When the liberated and free individual reaches this point it is the next stage of evolution. It is time for salvation. Salvation is experienced through a realization that one is not alone and that the individual as a single individual does not exist. It was all an illusion.

The individual as a free separate being comes to the realization that all it has experienced as a free separate being has been an illusion and in recognizing and acknowledging this limitation, this belonging, this metaphysical condition of being a part of a whole, there comes salvation which leads to grace.

The knowledge of liberty and freedom as truths then illusions and the subsequent experience of religious salvation from this illusory dilemma lead the integrated individual to a higher state of understanding and realization and perception and freedom which we call grace. It is the experience of the totality of the universe with oneself as an integrated part of it. It is the pinnacle of freedom. It is being, knowing understanding, bliss.

This is freedom. Liberty freedom, salvation and grace. These are the things that each of us face. As we walk, as we sit. As we be.”

Grace stopped speaking.

“It sounds nice” said Angela.

“It is nice said Grace.

“It sounds nice but I don’t understand all of it.”

You will” said Grace. “Eventually”

“When I grow up?” said Angela.

“When you grow up” said Grace.

“I am already quite big” said Angela.

“Quite” said Grace. She picked up the mirror and stared again, deep into her own eyes.

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