Past or Present

Being able to tell a story or anecdote is an important skill in English.

Do you like telling stories?

In English you can tell a story or an anecdote in past simple tense (normal style) or present simple tense (exciting style). You should choose one stlye (or tense) and not change it.

However sometimes it is necessary to use a mixture of past simple and present simple tense.

Geographical Details

This interactive story mentions geographical details. When we mention geographical details in a past tense story, we usually use present tense.

Are you familiar with interactive Stories?

Look at the interactive story “River City 1- The Flight from Japan” . It is in present simple tense. Work through the story with your partner.

After you have finished the story in present simple tense, try it in past simple tense. Click here to see the past tense version: River City 1 The Flight from Japan – Past Tense Version

Overview of Tenses

Link to Overview of Tenses

Personal Narratives

Link to Personal Narratives

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