The Construction Worker

There was a construction worker.

He was tall and strong and he had short hair.

He had long muscular arms.

There were tattoos on his arms.

There was a tattoo of a mermaid on one of his arms.

Was it on his left arm or on his right arm?

Past Perfect Tense

The construction worker had worked for one of the Top Down Maintenance Crews.

He was very experienced.

He had been inside most of the major support pillars in the area. He liked to drink at the bars in the robot bar area around Pillar Seventeen.

He was married to a robot. Actually he had been married to a robot but he had divorced her. He was divorced now. Now he was single.

He had not known that she was robot. When he married her, he had thought that she was a human but she was not a human. She was a robot. After he found out that she was a robot, he had divorced her.

He was single now.

Are you single?

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The Construction Worker’s Favourite Bar and Restaurant

Sometimes the construction worker went to Uncle Ginzo’s Izakaya. He liked sushi. Uncle Ginzo made very good genetically engineered sushi. It was better than Universal Sushi.

Actually it is against the law to make sushi. Universal Sushi bought the rights to “sushi” and controls the production of sushi in Universal City but Uncle Ginzo is not afraid of the law.

He calls his sushi “universal rolls” and nobody bothers him.

if he called his sushi, “sushi”, the Universal Sushi Company” would sue him for breach of copyright but he calls his sushi “universal rolls” and so he has not been arrested.

Have you ever been arrested?

The Construction Worker’s Love Life

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