I have been in the Building Game all my Life

In the sentence:

I have been in the building game all my life,

the phrase:

“the building game

refers to

the building industry


the construction field

Register in Language means Social Level

The difference between “the field of construction” and “the building game” is a difference of register.

“Register” has many meanings but in this context, “register” means “social level”.

In a formal or academic setting somebody might say or write:

What is your field?

but in a normal informal conversation we say:

What do you do?

and in a formal or academic or written setting the answer will be

My field is construction

but in an informal relaxed conversation,

a person will more likely say:

I am in the building game

or simply

I am a builder.

What do you do?


“Game” is a Metaphor

Game could be:

a game of football

a card game

a game that children play

but in this context “game” is a metaphor for “field” or “area of work”.

A Field is an Area

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