Developer Donations influence Council Decisions

Developer donations influence council decisions


Local Government decisions are influenced by commercial interests.


Look at these synonyms:

local government – city council

developer – commercial interest

development – economic development

Passive Voice and Active Voice

Look at these parallel phrases:

Local government is influenced by developers
Developers influence local government.

“Local government” means “city government“.

Local government is corrupted by developer donations.
Developer donations corrupt local government.


Analyse the verbs:

is influenced by

is corrupted by

Look at the vocabulary of the above statement in greater detail:


A developer is an individual or company which develops land. In this context, “land development” means building houses, shops or shopping centres.

Developers employ builders who construct buildings and then the land and buildings are sold or rented to businesses.

Developers get access to land from local government.

They do this by giving donations to individuals or political parties which hold political office.


Donations are money money which is given freely.

Passive and Active

The developer donates money to the government.
Money is donated to the government by the developer.

Theory and Practice

In theory money is donated “with no strings attached”. That means the money is given with no condition on it.

In practice it is hard to believe that this is true.

If a developer donates money to a politician, and then the politician uses
his power to influence a government decision which benefits the developer, isn’t that corruption?


“Corruption” refers to the practice of a person in political office taking money (bribes) from a commercial interest, so that interest can influence the government decision.

Have you ever been offered a bribe?

Can you think of a well-known case of bribery which was exposed in your society?


Offering a bribe is a crime.

Taking a bribe is a crime.

Taking and offering a bribe are both crimes. Corruption in the form of bribes is a huge problem because large developers are able to pay politicians to work for them and make decisions in their interest.

Is the government corrupt in your society?

Are all politicians corrupt?

Levels of Government

There are three levels of government in Australia.

Level One -The Local Level

local government – city government – local council

Level Two – The State Level

state government – provincial government – prefectural government

Level three – The National Level

national government – federal government

How many levels of government are there in your country?

Local Council

Local Council, which is local government, makes decisions about building houses and shops and shopping centres in cities and towns. It creates new suburbs and the decisions it makes benefit builders and developers.

Legal Reform to Prevent Corruption

Donations by developers to politicians, who then make government decisions that benefit the developers, is a form of corruption.

Donations should be banned.
Political donations should be banned.
Donations by developers should be banned.
Political donations by developers should be banned.

What do you think?

Are political donations a form of corruption?

Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.


A decision is something we decide to do.

I decided to take the day off.

I decided to buy a new car.

The council decided to destroy the public park and build a new shopping centre.

Law and Government

This lesson is based on law and government.

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