Soccer is Different from Rugby

Soccer and Rugby are two different types of football.

They are similar but they are not the same.

They are different.

The History of Football

The history of football is long and complex.

Soccer is English football.

English Football

Soccer is a game.

Soccer is a game which comes from England.

Complex Relative Clauses – in which

In England and in many parts of the world soccer is a game, which comes from England, in which you are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands.

Can you see the non-defining relative clause?

which comes from England

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Football Codes

There are many different codes.

There are many different types of football.

Complex Relative Clauses – what

There are different types of football (codes) in different countries, so, in some countries, like Australia and America, what the English call “football” is called “soccer”.

The Origin of Rugby

Rugby is a school.

There is a story, apparently not true, that rugby football was started when a boy at Rugby school picked up the ball one day and ran with it. The real story is more complex.

Reading and Writing Practice

Do a google search and find out the full story and write it up in the comments section below. It is good practice for reading and writing English.

Rugby and Soccer – two different football codes

In soccer it is against the rules to touch the ball with your hands.

In rugby it is not against the rules to touch the ball with your hands.

As a result of the incident where the boy picked up the ball, a new game was developed.

Now the two games exist side by side. They have different sets of rules.


Do you play football?

What kind of football do you play?

What is the name of your team?

How often do you play?

Game as a Metaphor

Look at the game used as a metaphor:

I have been in the Building Game all my life.

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