We don’t have much in Common

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We don’t have much in common means:

We do not share common interests or hobbies or characteristics or likes and dislikes.

Basically it means:

We are different.


We are not similar.


We are very different.

Relationships with People

We often use this phrase when we are talking about our relationships with people.

Other Meanings of “Common”

“Common” has many meanings:

The Legal Context

There are two types of law. Civil law or statutes are laws which are written.

Common Law consists of law which is based on old traditions and customs. It refers to rights people had before modern governments developed.

Common Sense

“Common sense” means basic things that everybody understands. In the modern age people sometimes become too intellectual or too impractical and we say:

He has no common sense.

What is Common Sense?

If you are hungry, eat!

If you are thirsty, drink!

If you are tired, sleep!

If you have no money, get a job and work.

That is common sense!

Rare and Common

If something is not very common, it is rare.

Gold is rare.

Iron is common.

Common People

In Britain the House of Representatives is called:

The House of Commons

It is the parliament, which is a group of elected representatives or “politicians”.

The House of Lords

The other house of parliament in England is:

The House of Lords

It consists of aristocrats or “lords” who are hereditary members of parliament. In modern times, lords are also appointed for service to the nation by the Queen.

A commoner is a common or normal person.
A Lord is an aristocrat or noble.

Royals and Commoners

People who are related to the royal family are called “royals” or “nobles” but people who are not related to the royal family are called “commoners”. This distinction is not a big deal nowadays but in former times it was. The king, for example, was not allowed to marry a commoner.

In the story of Cinderella, the Prince married a commoner. Nowadays it is not uncommon for a royal to marry a commoner but in the past it was forbidden.

Countries which have a Royal Family

Countries which have a royal family and a king or queen are called monarchies. Here is a list of some:

The Netherlands
Saudi Arabia

Is there a royal family in your country?

Royal Titles

king – queen
duke – duchess
count – countess
baron – baroness
lord – lady

Word Family: Title

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