The Flight Attendant

A youngish woman with dyed blond hair and black roots walked into Uncle Ginzo’s. A construction worker was sitting at the bar. He was eating sushi and drinking beer.

What was the construction worker doing when the flight attendant walked in?

The woman sat on a stool at the bar and ordered an amphetamine drink then she turned and began to talk very quickly to the construction worker about her life and her job. The construction worker listened quietly and nodded his head sometimes.

He thought the woman was a robot but she was not. She was a human. Most of the flight attendants at Universal Airlines are robots but the Universal City Aviation Safety Ordinance
requires that there be one human flight attendant on board all Universal Airlines aircraft.

“You think I am a robot, don’t you?” said the woman. “I am not a robot! I am a human. But nobody can tell the difference anymore these days.”

“I had thought that you were a robot” said the construction worker.

“Have you ever been on a plane?” said the woman.

“No,” said the construction worker, “but I have been inside Pillar Seventeen and I have been under the Ooze.”

“Wow!” said the woman.

Link to the Flight Attendant’s Problem

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