The Flight Attendant’s Problem

A flight attendant was sitting at the bar in Uncle Ginzo’s authentic Izakaya. She was drinking and talking to a construction worker.

“There are not many human flight attendants left” said the construction worker.
“Soon there will be none” said the woman.

“Why is that?” said the construction worker. “I thought the safety rules said all flights had to have one human.”

“They do” said the woman. “That is what they say. That is exactly what they say. But in practice it does not work like that. My boss is a robot and all the upper management are robots. They put us all on the same flight. One flight will have seven human flight attendants then seven flights will leave with no humans!”

“That is crazy” said the construction worker.”

“It is illegal to discriminate against robots but it is not illegal to discriminate against humans if you are a robot. There is some kind of loophole in the law and all the lawyers are robots and nobody can change the law because only the robots understand it and they do not want to change it. I hate robots! They are ruining our lives!”

The bar went quiet.

“This is a robot bar” said the construction worker. “You had better be careful what you say.”

“We are only here to serve you” said the robot barman.

“We make our livings building robots” said one of the robot workers at the corner.

He was a robot but he did not know he was a robot. Like a lot of robots, he thought he was a human.

“I don’t mean to be rude” said the woman “but .. it is just not how it should be!

Things are not as they should be.
Things are not how they should be.
Things are not how they are supposed to be.

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