Universal Airlines

Universal Airlines is the largest airline company in Universal City. Universal Airlines is the only airline company in Universal City. There used to be a lot of airline companies.

There used to be a lot of airline companies but they were swallowed up.

They were swallowed up by Universal Airlines.

Universal Airlines is a monopoly. It has a monopoly. It is a monopoly. A monopoly is more efficient than a system where there is competition.

The Flight Attendant

A flight attendant was going through customs. She was wearing a Universal Airlines uniform. She was not carrying any prohibited articles. She was not carrying a weapon.

The flight attendant climbed onto the plane. She stowed her baggage. She went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom she fixed her hair. She checked her make-up. After that she started work. She welcomed the passengers. She showed them to their seats. She took orders for meals. She served meals and drinks to passengers.

After the flight the flight attendant went to a bar in the robot bar district.

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