The Story of the Old Queen

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The elevator went down. It was called an elevator but it was actually a train; a vertical train. It was a train which ran down from the top of Universal City to the bottom, under the Ooze.

vertical – horizontal – the horizon

Damage to Pillar Seventeen

It had been damaged

Pillar Seventeen had been damaged.
It had been damaged by a train accident.
It had been damaged by a train accident and people were worried.

had been damaged – was damaged

They were worried that it would fall. People were worried that the pillar would fall. They were worried that it would topple.

A team of Top Down Maintenance workers were on the train. They were riding it down to the foundations of Universal City, under the Ooze. They were going to fix the pillar. They were the heroes of Universal City. They were the ones who kept Universal City above the Ooze.

They risked their lives to keep Universal City afloat. Everybody loved the construction workers.

At the bottom of the pillar, there was an airtight doorway. The construction workers walked through the doorway into a submarine. The submarine was yellow.

Link to The Yellow Submarine
Link to Captain Meme

Captain Meme was waiting to meet the construction workers. He welcomed them on board his submarine. He took them a round the pillar. They took photographs and videos and talked about the damage.

Link to The Universal Train Accident

Pillar Seventeen was a major support pillar. If it fell other structural columns could come down with it. Universal City could topple. It could topple like a house of cards. The situation was critical. Everybody was very worried.

Link to the Train Accident

There was a big hole in the bottom of the pillar. Concrete was piped into the hole.Concrete was poured into the hole to stabilise it.

Some construction workers went into a diving bell. They had airlines and supply lines but they had to go into the hole in the pillar. They guided the pipe in. They used robots to pump the concrete in.

After the pillar was repaired, the diving bell was stuck inside the pillar. The concrete hardened. The diving bell could not get out. The two construction workers had air lines and water lines and food lines to get supplies but they were trapped.

They were trapped in the foundation of the pillar. They were entombed. They were buried alive.

Captain Meme kept up supplies to the two heroes in the diving bell.
The two heroes had saved Pillar Seventeen.

Time passed. Pillar Seventeen was stable. Universal City was safe. the two construction workers were still under the pillar. They were still there. they were trapped but they were still alive.

A year passed.
Another year passed.
Two years passed.
It was dangerous to get them out. It was too dangerous.

It was too dangerous and there was no funding.

There was no budget.
There was no funding.
There was no money.

The pillar might have been damaged. It might have been damaged in the rescue attempt.
The two construction workers had to stay in the diving bell.

They became lonely. They became lonely and depressed. They were supplied with hormones and a surgical robot in parts. They put the robot together.

Then they drew straws. One of the construction workers decided to become woman. He decided to become a woman so he could become the wife of his partner.

Does the idea of homosexuality disgust and revolt you?

The idea of having sex with a woman disgusts some men. Did you know that?

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The man became a woman. He had gender re-orientation. He took female hormones and he had several operations.

Afterwards he became a woman. The two construction workers were married. They lived happily ever after in their concrete tomb at the base of Pillar Seventeen.

Actually they lived there for seven years and then Pillar Seventeen was no longer a major support pillar as part of its load was taken by other pillars.

It was possible to rescue the workers now.
The diving bell was taken out. The two construction workers were freed from the small room that had been their home for seven years.

One of them had had gender reorientation. He was now a woman. He was now a woman and he did not want to become a man again. He had to take hormones though.

Actually sometimes he wanted to become a man but sometimes he wanted to become a woman. He could not make up his mind. He did not know what he wanted.

Link to He did not know what he wanted.

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