The Construction Worker’s Story

I have been inside Pillar Seventeen. I worked on the repair of Pillar Seventeen.

Do you remember when it was leaning?

Inside Pillar Seventeen

We went inside and we took the elevator down. It was fast. It was like a train that was going down. It was like going straight down to Hell.

Actually the elevator does go to Hell but I have never been down that far. I have been under the Ooze but I have not been to Hell which is at the very bottom.

A lot of migrant workers work in Hell. I have taken some of them down to the surface of the Ooze but I have never been to Hell itself.

Hell is much deeper. I have heard about the three doors but I have never actually seen them.

The elevator went down.
It went down like a train.
It went down like a train that was traveling to the centre of the earth.

The sound of the elevator was audible.
It was very loud.
It made a sound like the clack clack clack of railroad tracks.

It was like a train that was going down.

Down Down down down.

When we got to the bottom, we had to fix the pillar.

We had to swim into the ooze. We wore special protective clothing.

“Were you afraid?” said the flight attendant.

“Fear does not get you anywhere” said the construction worker.

“You have to keep your head at work” agreed the flight attendant. “What was it like down there?”

“I saw a mermaid” said the construction worker. “Have you ever seen a mermaid?”

Have you ever seen a mermaid?

Link to the Church of Mermaids and Fairies

“I have never seen a mermaid” said the flight attendant, “but I have seen fairies.”

Link to the Construction Worker’s Tattoo

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