The Corporations of Universal City

Put the corporations in alphabetical order:

Mr Sushi – Universal Sushi

Mr Taco – Universal Tacos

Universal Airlines

Universal Robots

Universal Prisons

Universal Genetically Modified Food

Vortik’s Robot Repairs

Universal Cement

Universal Newspapers

Universal Police

Universal Security

Universal Foods

Captain Vac Cleaning Services

What is the difference between a corporation and a human?

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  1. P De Mario says:

    Thias method of learning is very interesting.
    First you learn the words, after the combination of words that is what we call phrase. It’s too easy the comprehension of the language in this manner.

    • P De Mario says:

      A Corporation it’s a union of diferente peoples who has the same aim in an enterprise.
      A person can be a woman, a man, a doctor, an engineer, etc. etc.

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