The Human Lawyer

There is one human lawyer left in Universal City. Law is a difficult profession. Lawyers have to learn cases and statutes. There is a lot to remember. It is tedious work. Most of the work has been taken over by legal robots.

Using Relative Clauses

Do you mean robots which do law related work or robots which are not illegal?

Relative Clauses

The Lawyer’s Office

The Lawyer’s Story

Richard Pearson was the last human lawyer in Universal City. All of the other human lawyers had been replaced by legal robots.


legal secretary
legal document
legal age

Richard Pearson ran a law firm but all of the lawyers were robots.

Relative Clauses

They were robots which were experts in legal matters.
They were robots which were experts in the law.
They were robots which had replaced human lawyers
They were robots which worked for him.
They were robots which worked for Richard Pearson.

Richard Person had a law office in the Universal Station building. It was near Universal Genetic Engineering.

Politics and the plan to make advertising illegal.

Link to Professor Proudhorn’s Essay on The Nature of The Mind

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