The Nature of the Mind – Emilia Proudhorn

Consciousness can be saturated. This eliminates free will.
The process of saturation is done by repetition of a single message
In religion this is called mantra
In war and in prison this is called brainwashing.
In the commercial world this is called advertising.

Saturation of the mind with a single message eliminates free will.
It dehumanizes people.

Advertising is hypnosis by consciousness saturation.

It is time to cease this disgusting process of dehumanization.

It is time to make it illegal.

An Analysis of the Problem of Consumption and the Role of Advertising

In effect advertising is the root cause of all our problems.
Let’s flesh the problem out a little more.

We have a crisis due to lack of resources and increasing demand. This can be solved by adopting sustainable practices and decreasing consumption.

But mainstream economic life still encourages consumption.

All measures of wealth, economic progress, growth, development, satisfaction and life are monetary and are based on the idea that consumption is good and the production of monetary wealth (regardless of the effect on the cohesion of the family, the cohesion of society and the quality of life) is desirable.

If people can live happily in a sustainable environment with food, clothing, shelter, health and education needs satisfied, need there be anything else? Need a profit be made?

Of course not but we ignore our real needs as individuals and societally and focus on the creation of monetary wealth.
Each night the news documents the monetary value and cost of various activities and objects. Advertising exhorts us to buy buy buy.

Our real nature and identity is glossed over by the constant message to consume.

We are educated to believe that consumption is good and when we know it is not we still allow our communication and information media to be polluted with these constant advertisements exhorting us to buy.

It is better to save. Save it up for a rainy day.

Advertising and Information

Advertising is lies, exaggeration and fraud.

The provision of information in a neutral way is not advertising. It is the provision of information.

The Department of Information will provide information about products which are available if anybody wants to buy something. If you want to buy something, you can go to an information office and watch movies and read articles about products. But you do not have to have your consciousness invaded by these sickening loudspeaker messages exhorting you to consume any more.

The world will become a garden and overproduction and pollution will stop and consumption will return to realistic levels and communities will redevelop and return to traditional healthy cohesive societies as they were before the pollution that came from the commercial attitude and marketing, advertising, business and all the disgusting practices that were allowed and encouraged will become illegal.

A return to common sense.


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