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Winston did not want to mow the lawn. He held the leaf blower and watched as the leaves blew across the concrete driveway onto the lawn. That would make it even harder to mow.

The concrete was nice and clean. The lawn was horrible and long and wild.

The window opened. Winston’s wife screamed at him.

“Mow the lawn!” she screamed.

Winston went to the shed to get the mower.

It would not start. He had no fuel. He had to go to the hardware store to buy some fuel. He climbed into his car.

His wife asked him to buy some milk. His son asked him to buy a pizza. His daughter ignored him.

At the convenience store there was a beautiful young woman. She looked like a robot. She was probably a pleasure model. Winston stared at her until she noticed then he lowered his eyes in embarrassment.

“What are you looking at?” said the woman.

“I thought you were a robot” said Winston.

“What difference does it make?” said the woman.

Winston went to the hardware store. He bought the mower fuel. Then he ordered the pizza.

It was genetically engineered mushrooms from the Universal Pizza House. It was his son’s favourite.

He had to wait for his pizza.

While he was waiting, the pleasure model came into the pizza store. Winston was not sure if she was a robot or not. He was embarrassed.

“Alright. I am a robot. I am a robot but I still have feelings. You can’t just stare at me, even if I am a machine. I am not all machine anyway. I am a cyborg. I am part flesh and blood. Parts of me were grown in labs from tissue then … I don’t want to talk about it .. I wish I had a family. Do you have a family?”

Winston looked at her and nodded.

“How many children do you have?” said the woman.

“Two” said Winston.

“That must be nice” said the robot. “I wish I had children. I would like to have a son and a daughter. I know robots cannot have children but it does not mean i do not want to. I still want to have children. Does your wife love her children?”

“Of course she does” said Winston. “All mothers love their children.”

“No they don’t” said the robot.” There are documented cases of the opposite.”

“I suppose you are right” said Winston, “especially in the lower levels and .. the subhumans ..”

“Where do you live?” said the Pleasure Model.

“Guitar House” said Winston.

“Oh you live in Guitar House!” said the woman. “That must be nice.”

“It is very nice” said Winston.

Winston’s pizza came. The robot boy handed it to him.

“I have to go” said Winston.

“It was nice talking to you” said the woman. “Well we didn’t talk much … but it was nice anyway.”

“Thank you” said Winston. “It was nice talking to you too.” He turned to walk out.

“Wait!” said the woman. “Your wife. Does she have a nanny?”

Winston paused. “We do already have a nanny” he said. “A robot nanny. We got her from Vortik’s.

“Oh that is nice” said the Pleasure Model. “Abraham Vortik makes nice robots.”

“He does” said Winston. He walked to the door.

“If your robot nanny ever breaks down and you need another one .. I would like to do it” said the woman. She scratched a number on a card and Winston scanned it into his wrist phone.

“I am at Piano House. I stay there. I have a room. Do you know it?”

“I have heard of it.” said Winston. “The bird painter owns it ..what is his name?”

“Uncle Ginzo” said the woman.

“I don’t come down here much” said Winston. “I just had to get some milk and pizza. And mower fuel.”

“You have a lawn!” said the woman. “You must be rich.”

“We do all right” said Winston. “We can afford a robot nanny.”

“What do you do?” said the Pleasure Model.

“I work for the Universal Government” said Winston.

“Oh!” said the woman. “That is why you can afford to live in Guitar House.”

“I guess so” said Winston. “I had better go. My wife will be wondering where I am.”

“She will” said the robot. Then it did a strange thing. It leaned over and it kissed Winston on the cheek.

The kiss was warm like a human kiss. It was like the kiss of his wife.

“Good-bye” said Winston.

“Good-bye” said the woman.

On the way home to Guitar House the traffic was heavy all the way to the ramp to the upper levels. Winston sat in his car and thought about the Pleasure Model.

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