Julia Smith

Julia Smith was not home. She had gone to the Fashion District near Pillar Nineteen. She never went to Pillar Seventeen. Her husband Winston like to go there and drink in the robot bars around Pillar Seventeen.

Why do robots drink? Who knows.

Why do humans drink?
Humans drink to relax.

Maybe robots need to relax too.

Julia was in her car. She looked out the window at the traffic. It had not moved for some time. Her husband had been gone for a long time. He had gone to get pizza, and milk and mower fuel. Julia waited for him for coffee but he was too long. She decided to go out for coffee and drop in at the boutiques near Pillar Nineteen, maybe even have a glass of wine in the beer garden near Katrina Fashion.

It was a lovely day. The sky was a brilliant orange. But the traffic was so heavy. Julia grimaced.

She looked out the window. She could see the traffic coming up the up ramp. She saw her husband’s car. She waved at him but he did not see her. He was watching the road. Stupid man. He was so preoccupied.

Winston drove up as Julia drove down.

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