Julia’s Friends

Julia Smith was a personal friend of Katrina Vortik.

Katherine Vortik

Katrina Vortik was the daughter of Abraham Vortik

She was raised by the first Nanny Robot that Vortik built. Her upbringing was superb. She was a cultured young lady. She was an extremely eligible young woman and all the bachelors from near and far came to seek her hand in marriage but she would not marry any of them.

She would not marry any of them because she wanted to open a fashion store. And that is what she did. That is exactly what she did. She opened her own fashion store. It was a two storey dress and shoe shop which also sold accessories in Pillar Nineteen near the top.

It catered for wealthy clientele who came down from the exclusive apartment houses like Guitar House and Toblerone Tower. It was very expensive and very popular.

Julia was happy to call Katrina her friend.

RolePlay – Introductions

Julia wanted to introduce her husband Winston to her friend Katrina.

1. Julia
Tell Katrina about your husband.
2. Katrina
Listen to Julia talk her husband.

3. Julia
Tell Winston about your friend.
4. Winston
Listen to your wife and say polite things

5. Julia
Julia call Katrina to arrange an appointment

6. Julia
Tell Winston about the appointment

7. Julia
Introduce Winston and Katrina
8. Winston and Katrina
Make polite conversation

Link to a dialogue about introduction

Meeting People and Talking to Strangers

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