The Illegal Golf Ball

Winston Smith started the mower. It roared into life and he ran it over the lawn. The smell of mower fuel and cut grass grass filled the air. He walked through it, inhaling and feeling a descending calm. Being on the lawn relaxed him. It made him feel calm and at peace with himself and the world.

Life was not easy. Being an employee of The Universal Government (TUG) was not a piece of cake. Winston had a lot on his plate and if not for the pleasures of the lawn he might have found it difficult to bear.

It was a piece of cake.
It was no piece of cake.
He had a lot on his plate.

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Life was hard. Work was difficult and stressful. Life was hard and work was difficult and stressful but the lawn was green. It was green and calming and the smell of fresh cut grass soothed him. He gazed at the sea of green.

There was a white spot in the sea of green. It was a golf ball.

How did a golf ball get on Winston’s lawn?

How had it got there?

How had it gotten there?

It was illegal to play golf in the upper levels. It was too dangerous.

The balls would always go astray. People on the lower levels had been killed by falling golf balls. One day a high level official of The Universal Government had been on one of the lower levels buying pizza and he had been struck by a golf ball. He had been hit on the head. It had killed him.

There had been a big inquiry. Golf had been banned in the upper levels. The inquiry had found that wealthy and successful MIC card holders who moved easily between levels liked to practise driving on the upper levels and the balls rained on the inhabitants of the lower levels. It was rude, thoughtless and lethal. Several people had had their MIC cards revoked and been forced to spend time in Universal Prison. Golf had been banned.

So where had the golf ball come from? Winston picked it up.

It was round and white and it had the normal pockmarks on it that golf balls have. It was a normal golf ball. The words: “universal golf” were written on the side of it.

Winston looked at it for a while then he peered round and beyond the lawn. He looked over the fence at the space beyond. In the distance he could see Highway 217 which receded into a bank of clouds. The lights of Universal Station and Doctor’s Way shone a little below him and off to the west. A Skyfarmhovered near the Opera House. It was waiting for the Universal Foods dock to be clear so it could hover in and lock to the Universal Supermarket. It was carrying a cargo of beans and tomatoes and rocket.

Winston read the inscriptions on the side. They were written in purple. He had not seen a Skyfarm with purple signage before. He wondered if it was a new regulation signage colour.

A Skyfarm with a purple serial number and an illegal golf ball.

“Hmmm” thought Winston to himself. “How odd!” He went back to his mowing.

The Lawn as a Symbol of Wealth

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