The Golf Tees and the Mercedes

Pontocho Robin
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Jimmy walked back inside. He walked back inside the luxury apartment.

He looked around. He did not recognise anything. He did not know where he was. He felt as if he had just woken up after a long sleep.

Past Simple Tense

walked back inside
looked around
did not recognise
did not know
felt as if

Past Perfect Tense

had just woken up

Link to the Dream of Piano House

There was a pile of golf tees on the coffee table by the door. Jimmy picked them up. They were multi-coloured. Each one had a different colour. He put them in his pocket.
Jimmy walked to the door.

there was
they were

The Mercedes – (a mercedes is a type of car)

It is a German car.

Jimmy looked at the car. He had never driven it before. He had never driven it before but he knew how to drive it.

He knew that he knew how to drive it but he did not know how he knew. He just knew.

looked at
had never driven

He put his hand on the door handle. It was not locked. He opened it.

He opened the door.

He climbed behind the wheel.

The key was in the ignition. He turned it.

The engine started. He put the car into gear. He turned on the lights. He drove out of the driveway. He turned onto the highway. He drove away from Guitar House.

was not locked
was turned
put turned

He kept driving. He put his foot on the gas and opened her up. He drove faster and faster.

The car hummed and vibrated. He accelarated more.

The car went faster and faster. It went faster and faster and faster. It went unbelievably fast.


Then the engine started to sputter. It was running out of gas.

A warning light came on. The car was running out of gas. It had an auxiliary tank but it was running out of gas. soon It would be necessary to switch to the auxiliary tank.

Jimmy slowed down. He drove at a moderate place along the highway.

It was a huge six lane highway. It stretched on for miles. Jimmy kept driving. He did not know where he was. He had no idea where he was.

He just kept driving. He continued driving. He continued on and on and he did not stop.

The Gas Station

Up ahead there was a gas station. Jimmy slowed the Mercedes. He pulled off the highway. He put the car in neutral as he entered the carpark and he coasted to a park.

It was large carpark. There were lots of free spaces.

It did not seem like Universal City. It seemed like the middle of nowhere and Universal City was nowhere. It was gone. It was nowhere to be seen.

But that was not possible. Everywhere was part of Universal City.

The City was everywhere.

Jimmy climbed out of the carpark. There was dust in the air. It was dry red dust. He wondered where it came from. It smelt good.

Jimmy walked to the building at the centre of the carpark. It was not a very large building. It had only one floor. It was a diner.

Jimmy went inside. He looked around the room. It was large room. There was a long counter. It was clean and shiny. There was a waitress behind the counter. She did not look like a robot. She smiled at him. He smiled back.


Dialogue is conversation.
Reported Speech is a report of what was said.
Direct Speech is the actual words in dialoue.

“Can I get you anything?” she said.

“As a matter of fact, yes, please” said Jimmy. “Could I have a cold beer?”

“Are you driving?” (pragmatics) (what might this mean?)

“Do you have a light?” (homofonista – artful punster)

“Do you mean a light beer or a cigarette lighter?”

“I mean a lite beer.”

“We have no alcohol cold..well I think it is 0.5 per cent but you can drive on one if you sit for a while.”

Jimmy felt in his pocket. There was no money but he found the golf tees. He pulled them out and they scattered on the counter.

“What are they?” said the waitress, who did not play golf.

Are you a golfer?

“Golf tees” said Jimmy…. “to put my balls on.”

The waitress looked out of the window at the Mercedes. “Those Mercedes people” she said..”They think of everything.”

“It is a nice car.” said Jimmy. “Have you ever been inside a Mercedes?”

“No” said the waitress.

“Do you wanna go for a ride?” said Jimmy.

would you like to go for a ride in my car
ja wanna go fr a ride
do you want to go for a spin?

A Ride in my Car

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