The Security Robot

There was a security robot.

It was very tall.

It was standing beside the road.
Jimmy slowed the car.

The robot flagged him down.
Jimmy pulled over.

“What is in the back?” said the robot.

“I don’t know” said Jimmy.

The robot opened the back. It was full of golf balls.

“Golf is illegal on the upper levels” said the security robot.

“I was not playing golf” said Jimmy. “I am just taking these golf balls for recycling.”
“Where did you get them?”
“I got them from the golf course. The old golf course. From before”

The security robot seemed satisfied.

“Are you really taking those golf balls for recycling?” said the waitress.

“No” grinned Jimmy. “But I know golf is illegal in the upper levels. too dangerous.”

“It is irresponsible ” said the waitress.

“Are you a robot?” said Jimmy suddenly feeling that she was a pinochia..something wooden about her..a dumb machine…

“How did you know?” said the waitress. “I still have feelings.”

“A machine cannot have feelings.”

“HUmans are machines”

“No, they are not. They are made of flesh and blood.”

“So am I”

“But you are a robot.”

“I was grown.”

“I am a flesh and blood robot. I have bio-rhythms.”

“Do you have .. can you have children?”

“I don’t know. Do you want children?”

“Not tonight.”

The waitress laughed. Jimmy forgot that she was a robot. He was having fun.

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