The Story of Abraham Vortik

My name is Abraham Vortik.

I am a robot engineer.

Are you an engineer?

Have you ever worked as an engineer?

Are you a robot?

I used to work for Universal Robots
I don’t work for Universal Robots now.
I used to work for them before.
I used to work for them before but I don’t work for them now.

Link to The Universal Robots Page

Link to the “Used to” page

Passive Voice

I was retrenched.
I was offered early retirement.
I was invited to retire early.
I was given a golden handshake.

My company was privatised.
My company was nationalised.
My company was taken over.

I lost my job.
My job was relocated.
My job was given to somebody in another sector.

Link to: The Universal Prison

Past Simple Tense

I became unemployed.
I lost my job.
I found myself jobless.
I ended up on the street.

My wife left me.
She left me with the kids.
I had no job and no wife and three children to care for.
I moved into Piano House.

Link to: The Piano House Page

I read an advertisement about short and long term accommodation at Piano House. Piano House is a small private hotel in the Robot Bar District around Pillar Seventeen.

Link to: Why do robots drink?

Link to The Buildings of Universal City
Link to The People of Universal City

I moved into a large room in Piano House and put the children in bunk beds by the window.

I had to work to find a way to make a living. I had to take care of the children but I also had to earn an income to pay the rent. It was tough. I did not know what to do.

The Robot Repair Shop

As I said before, I am a robot engineer. I used to work for Universal Robots but I don’t work there any more. I applied for a job at a Robot Repair Shop on the edge of Chinatown.

Working at the Robot Repair Shop

Have you ever worked at a repair shop?

I worked at the robot repair shop.

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