Doctor Vortik’s Wife

Abraham Vortik was a doctor of engineering. He was a very talented man but he lost his job at Universal Robots through no fault of his own. He lost his job and his family broke up and he moved into Piano House.

Uncle Ginzo took pity on him and his children, Katrina and Clara, and set them up in a small apartment at he back of Piano House.

Doctor Vortik worked at a robot repair shop then he opened his own robot repair shop, which was called Vortik’s Robot Repairs. He repaired and modified robots and his business was very successful.

The first robot that Doctor Vortik designed was a nanny for his own children. His first model was called Grace but it was too intellectual so he sold her. A family in the upper levels bought her to use as their nanny but they also had trouble with her because she was too intellectual.

The Second Version

Doctor Vortik’s second version of a nanny robot was perfect. It did all that he wanted and more.

He had taken a pleasure and entertainment model and added some hormones and body parts to create a mother for his children and a wife for himself. He called her Eve.

Eve looked after the children and made Doctor Vortik happy and when the children grew older, Eve got a job in a robot bar in the district around Pillar Seventeen. She worked there as a waitress and she also doubled as receptionist in Piano House. Everybody loved her. She was very popular.

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