Piano House

Piano House is an illegal building. It appeared one night tacked on to the top of Pillar Seventeen which is an illegal pillar anyway.

Piano House is a converted skyfarm. Somebody brought a skyfarm in to the dock at universal supermarkets then dropped it down to below the highway and nudged it into a space at the top of the pillar.

Then it was clamped to the top of the pillar with high tensile technology. It is as safe as any building in Universal City.

The Appearance of Piano House

Piano House as an odd appearance. As the name suggests, it is shaped and coloured like a piano with entrances under the keyboard. There is a little sushi bar and there is also a hotel.

Piano House the Izakaya

Piano House is an izakaya with fresh genetically engineered sushi and cold beer. The proprietor is Ginzo Kobashi, the famous bird painter.

Some people say he was a train robber.

Link to the great train robbery
the station map of line 777 Universal Railways with names of European capitals for stations

Piano House the Hotel

Piano House is a hotel. It is located near Pillar Seventeen.

Are you looking for a room?

Piano House is a hotel. The owner of the hotel is Ginzo Kobashi The manager of the hotel is Juji Hachibishi. He is a Japanese Teacher.

Are you a Japanese teacher?
Link to the Japanese Page

Short Term and Long Term

There is long term accommodation and there is short term accommodation.

Link to the Time Page

Long Term Residents of Piano House

Ginzo Kobashi the Bird Painter

Juji Hachibishi (Manager)

The Fruit and Vegetable Expert

Abraham Vortik

The Novelist

The Dream of Piano House

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