The Robot Bar District Under Pillar Seventeen

The Robot Bar District around Pillar Seventeen is one of the most interesting Robot Bar Districts in the whole of Universal City. It is just above the area where Abraham Vortik started his famous robot repair shop.

link to Vortik’s Robot Repairs

Warning – Don’t drink from a Robot’s Glass

Why do robots drink? Who knows? Why do humans drink?

What do robots drink? Anything.

What can you drink at the robot bars in the robot district? Don’t worry. It is all safe and above board.

Although the robots drink all kinds of liquids, we know that humans cannot do that and so the bar robot will detect that you are a human and not serve you anything lethal. Do avoid draining another customer’s glass. That could be lethal.

lethal – deadly

Link to Universal Robots

Piano House is located in the Robot Bar District around Pillar Seventeen.

Link to The Pleasure Model’s Soliloquy

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