The Story of Uncle Ginzo

Ginzo Kobashi or “Uncle Ginzo” was the greatest bird painter who ever lived. His pictures of birds were so life-like that sometimes the birds flew away. And sometimes birds from the real world flew into his paintings and hid from hunters and other predators.

Some people say Uncle Ginzo was a train robber.

Uncle Ginzo ran an authentic Japanese Izakaya at the front of Piano House in the Robot Bar District under Pillar Seventeen.

He was a barman, sushi chef, singer, shamisen player, ninja, fruit and vegetable expert, ornithologist, amateur fisherman, bird painter and Japanese teacher.

Some people say he was a train robber but of course that is not true.

It is true that he was the greatest bird painter in the world until he disappeared one day.

Nobody knows where he went but some people say he walked into one of his paintings and he is hiding off stage with his birds and his brushes.

Are you a painter?

Have you ever painted a bird?

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