A Description of the Izakaya

An Izakaya is a small cosy bar which sells food and drink

A Description of the Izakaya

Uncle Ginzo’s Authentic Izakaya

Catwalk 66 runs from the Universal Supermarket to the Universal Police Station and Catwalk 49 runs from Universal Station to Chinatown. The two walkways meet right near Pillar Seventeen and this intersection is the centre of the Robot Bar District. On the east side of the pillar there is a Hundertwasser style building which has been attached to the side of the pillar by an architect. It is called Piano House and it is a Japanese hotel. There is an izakaya at the front of the hotel and it is a popular place to eat and drink. The clientele is varied. Sometimes robot workers come up from the unregistered robot shops in Chinatown and sometimes wealthy people from the upper levels who could drink anywhere with their MIC cards, come down to mingle with the varied clientele at “Uncle Ginzo’s” as the izakaya is called.

At the front there is a simple sign which reads “Izakaya” in Japanese and English but there is no name or other signage to show who it belongs to or what it offers. The owner is a bird painter called Ginzo Kobashi who opened the bar after migrating to the area around Pillar Seventeen after the Universal Railways Train Accident, which killed so many people.

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