Robot Repairs

I got a job at a little robot repair shop near Chinatown. It was just outside the robot bar district around Pillar Seventeen and I was staying at Piano House so it was easy to get to work. I just took the elevator down Pillar Seventeen or sometimes if it was a nice day, I liked to walk down the catwalks.

The robot repair shop was right near Chinatown so sometimes the boss used to send me down there to get parts.

I used to repair robots with second hand parts. I used to repair them and modify them. It is cheaper and more efficient to modify an existing robot than it is to build a brand new one.

I noticed shortages of certain types of robots and surpluses of certain parts and I put two and two together.

The First Model

The first model I built from scratch was a nanny robot. I say I built it from scratch but of course I built it from parts. The only people who build robots from scratch are the people at Universal Robots (and some say they are all robots).

Anyway I bought parts in Chinatown and I took a pleasure and entertainment model for men and converted it into nanny robot with some hormones and attachments from a security model.

A Problem with My Boss

It was easy and cheap so I made another one. Then I started to sell them. I started to sell them but I didn’t tell my boss and one day he found out that I was moonlighting. He was furious. He fired me. I did not mind.

Vortik’s Robot Repairs

I opened up my own store right down the pillar from him. I called it Vortik’s Robot Repairs but what I did not was not really repairs.

What I did was build new and specially designed robots from existing parts of other robots and life-forms.

It was a great success!

Robots and Cyborgs

Robots and Cyborgs and Abraham Vortik’s expanding empire of robot repair shops

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