Robots and Cyborgs

At my little robot repair and modification shop under Pillar Seventeen, I made robots and cyborgs.

A robot is a machine.
A cyborg is a machine with robot parts or a robot with human parts.

The distinction between man and machine has become blurred.

Robot Rights

I take human body parts from war zones and medical waste and use them to add a dimension to my robots.

On Doctor’s Way surgeons add robot parts to people and under Pillar Seventeen I add human parts to robots.

My robots and cyborgs are almost human because they are are part human. They are made of flesh and blood. Well, they are part flesh and blood and part machine.

Catalogue of Models Available

Nanny Robot

Cleaning Robot (with Captain Vac licence)

Security Robot

Pleasure and Entertainment Robot

Sensual robot

Data Entry Robot

Domestic Robot

Counseling Robot

Top Down Maintenance Robot

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