The Political System in Universal City

a democratic election
democratic elections

Democratic elections are elections of the people by the people for the people. Democratic elections are a fundamental part of the democratic electoral process. At first elections were held in the open. The people stood in the village square and they raised their hands to show agreement or disagreement with a representative or an issue.

a representative government – representative governments

a democratic government – democratic governments

Later all governments became representative governments. Politicians were always between the people and the issues. It was not direct democracy. Social media allowed the return of issue driven politics and more direct participation of people in the process of government.

Social Media and Elections

After social media became compulsory, participation in the electoral system was carried out by monitoring of a chip which had been implanted in each person’s body. It was possible to have a more direct democracy than ever before.

a more direct democracy
a less direct democracy
a more representative democracy
a less representative democracy

People voted without doing anything other than reading questions. The chip was able to read their reactions to questions and register their votes automatically.

This led to a complete opening of the electoral system and anybody could run for office. The result, as everybody knows was chaos. The system broke down. People are too chaotic to focus on the business of government as a herd. Nothing got done.

The Political Machine – The Machine of Government

It was then that the process of government was handed over to a machine. Dap One was the Design and Planning Robot which was specially created for the business of government in Universal City. He was already running the government as the head of the civil service and the foreign service was phased out after all countries became urban corporations and all cities became part of Universal City. Humans live in Universal City. Universal City is the name of the unified Earth civilisation. It is the universal culture. It is the universal system. There is nothing outside it.

Dap One made all political decisions by analysing all the information in the system in a way that no human or group of humans could do. Humans were too corrupt or too chaotic to govern themselves and so they gave this authority to a machine. Things worked better that way.

Under the rule of Dap One the city prospered in ways that it never had before. There was full employment, economic growth and less crime. Universal City became the Utopia which previous generations had dreamed of. The problems of the tired old systems were solved in a brave new world by an intelligent machine. And things got even better.

The Operation

To more accurately design and plan human life in Universal City in Universal City, Dap One made the decision to become as human as possible. That meant implantation. Dap One entered a human organism. Dap One became human. A team of doctors led by a surgeon called Doctor Durga, who was descended from subhumans, placed the hard drive of Dap One inside the comatose body of an accident victim.

The hapless accident victim was a young sky farm worker by the name of Jimmy Vac. After THE OPERATION Jimmy Vac became Captain Vac. He was the president of Universal City. He was the one man who could run the whole city like clockwork. He was the man who could run the whole city like a machine.

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