The Captain’s Clubs

Jimmy Vac walked around the huge apartment where Captain Vac lived in Guitar House.

It was a huge apartment. There was an exercise machine. It faced the window. It looked familiar.

Jimmy felt that he had used it but he could not remember when. He could not remember Captain Vac. He could remember his job on the sky farm. He had been a cleaner. He had been a cleaner on a Skyfarm. He remembered that.

Do you like your job?

He had liked his job. It had been a good job.

Tell us about your job.

Jimmy walked around the room. He opened a closet. There was a set of golf clubs in the closet.

Have you ever played golf?

Jimmy took the clubs out of the closet. They were in a bag. They were heavy. He put them back. he put them back in the closet.

He continued to walk around the room. It was a circular room. There were windows all around. He could see Universal City below him. He saw a Skyfarm drifting through the clouds. It was drifting across the horizon. It was following the solar radiation. It was following the sun.

Jimmy continued to walk around the room. He continued to inspect the apartment.

He came to the door. There was a door. It was a door to the outside. It led to the outside. He opened it. He opened it and he walked through it.

Jimmy stood on the balcony. There was a balcony outside the door and Jimmy stood on it. He stood on it and he looked down. He looked down at the city below him. The city was below him. He was above it.

He did not know where he was. He did not understand.

Where are you?

He went back inside. He was hungry. There was a refrigerator. There was a refrigerator in the apartment. Jimmy walked over to it. He walked over to the refrigerator.

He walked over to the refrigerator and he opened it. He opened the door of the refrigerator. He opened the refrigerator. He opened the fridge.

He opened the fridge and looked inside. He opened the fridge and he looked inside it.

There was milk in the refrigerator. Jimmy took a carton of milk out of the refrigerator and he drank it. He put it to his lips and he drank it.

It tasted good. The milk tasted good. It was cold and fresh.

Jimmy walked around the room with the carton of milk in his hand. He found a loaf of bread on the sideboard. There was a sharp knife next to the bread. Jimmy cut a slice of bread. It was dark and rich and thick.

Jimmy cut a thin slice and he put it in his mouth. He put it in his mouth and he chewed it. He swallowed it. He cut another sliver of bread. He ate it. It tasted wholesome. It tasted good.

Jimmy walked to the door again. He stood on the balcony. He stood on the balcony chewing bread and drinking milk.

He gazed at the city below him. He gazed at the lights of the city. It was late afternoon or early evening. He could not tell.

There was a golf club on the balcony. It was in the corner. It was leaning against the wall. The golf club was leaning against the wall.

Jimmy picked it up. he picked the golf club up. He picked the golf club up and he looked at it.

He held it in his hands. He swung it.

There was golf ball at his feet. It was on a tee. It was on a golf tee. Jimmy swung the club back and held it behind him. He aimed at the ball. He looked out at the city below. Then he swung the club and he hit the ball.

The club struck the ball. The golf club struck the ball. Jimmy struck the ball with the golf club.

The golf ball sailed into the air. It flew through the air. It flew through the air and it dropped. It dropped down and down and down.


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