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People do not take care of their robots.

The barrier between robot and human has become obscure and hard to define.

Robots demand human rights.

Are you an abused robot?
Do you know of anybody who abuses their robots?

Contact the Security Forces

Link to Universal Robots Page

People are always saying:

I would never have known he was a robot.


I would never have known she was a robot!

After they find out their client or companion was a robot, people treat them differently. They treat them as if they were subhuman.

Robots are not subhuman.

Robots are better than sub-humans. Sub-humans are not allowed into the upper levels of Universal City.

Subhumans are toxic mutants.

Sub-humans are worse than robots.
Robots are better than sub-humans.

If you are aware of any incidence of discrimination against any robots, living or dead, contact the security forces.


Rewards are offered. If you know of anybody who is abusing their robot, contact the security forces. They will be imprisoned and the robot will be freed.

Link to Universal Prison Page

Freedom for Robots!
Imprisonment for Humans!

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