The Pleasure Model

One night I walked into a little bar in the Robot Bar District under Pillar Seventeen.

Drinking with Robots

I like drinking in robot bars.

Robots are more open than people.

In fact most robots are nicer than most people.

Robots don’t get drunk (except military robots and security robots) and robots never get violent (except military robots and security robots).

The Pleasure Model

At first I did not realize that she was a robot. Of course I should have realized. I was drinking in a robot bar. Everybody was a robot. The barman was a robot. The waitresses were robots. Many of the customers were drinking oils and industrial fluids which were not fit for human consumption.

They were mostly pleasure models and domestic models, some entertainers, dancers, singers, a few office workers, a lot of call centre staff but no military robots and no security robots.

Military robots are not allowed to drink

Military robots and security robots are not allowed to drink.

They are not allowed to drink because they become drunk and violent.

Violence is not tolerated in Universal City .. except state violence.

I talked to her …

Anyway I sat down and started to talk to her and she told me everything.

Art, literature, languages, philosophy, religion, music, current affairs, politics. She knew about everything. She was so interesting.

She was witty, intelligent, beautiful and I fell in love with her within a couple of minutes.

I was just another customer …

But she worked there. I was just another customer.

After a few hours the place closed and I had to go home.

I had booked a room in Piano House which has short term and long accommodation right in the Robot Bar District. I stumbled back to my room.

Uncle Ginzo’s Izakaya

The owner of Piano House is a Japanese bird painter by the name of Ginzo Kobashi. Some say he is the greatest bird painter who has ever lived. i have never seen any of his paintings. each time he does one, they are sold very quickly to the people on the upper levels.

a state of shock

I was still in a state of shock and excitement after my experience with the pleasure model and I was not ready to sleep. I wandered into Uncle Ginzo’s and sat at a stool by the bar.

a few customers

There were a few customers but they looked like humans .. Japanese workers from the robot repair shops in Chinatown. They had stopped in for hot sake and homemade pickles and fried food after a work. Uncle Ginzo made good genetically engineered sushi too.

Some sushi and a beer …

I ordered some GE sushi and a beer. It was better than the stuff at Universal Sushi and cheaper too.

Uncle Ginzo was the owner of Piano House so he ran the bar and another guy by the name of Hachibishi managed the hotel.

the bartender

Neither of them were about. The bar was tended by a well-dressed Japanese robot with short hair and a white shirt. He looked like a human but I don’t think anybody uses human bar staff anymore.

I was just finishing up my drink when the pleasure model walked in.

What was she doing here?

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