Universal Prison

Universal Prison is a private prison.

It is the largest prison in Universal City.

We are always looking for warders.

Can you control other people?

We are always looking for inmates.

Universal Prison is the largest employer in Universal City.

Have you committed a crime?

Do the right thing!
Hand yourself in to the security forces!

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New Development Opportunities

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Universal Prison is the largest Employer in Universal City. We don’t employ just warders and guards but also finance consultants, industry analysts, caterers, engineers and design consultants.

Personnel Development

We train our inmates to develop marketable skills.

Although they are in prison being punished for their crimes, they are simultaneously stimulating the economy by participating in our cutting edge construction, manufacturing, design and financial planning programs.

Recently we took over seventy per cent of the contracts at Universal Robots. We now have inmates building robots to replace humans who are still out of prison.

Eventually we will replace all human labour with robot labour but we won’t stop there. The displaced unemployed human labourers will turn to crime and we have invested heavily in Security Forces to capitalise on this.

Not only will we make the workplace more efficient, but we will also eliminate crime and increase our prison population which increases the size of the labour force and this increases output. It is a win win win win situation!

We are working towards a society which is totally safe and secure and an economy which runs like clockwork and we are going to get there!

Oh Brave New World!

Oh Universal City!

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