Love and Death – The Story of Siegfried and Kriemhild

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The Story of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and of his Beautiful Wife, Kriemhild and of his Tragic Murder and of her Terrible Revenge.

Title Page
1. Nibelung’s Gold
2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
3. Kriemhild’s Dream
4. Siegfried’s Trip to Worms
5. The Plan to win the Hand of Bruenhild
6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion
7. Hagen’s Plan
8. Kriemhild’s Revenge
9. Epilogue : The Gold at the Bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

The Story of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and of his Beautiful Wife, Kriemhild, and of his Tragic Murder, and of her Terrible Revenge

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1. Nibelung’s Gold

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Long ago in Europe there was a race of dwarves.

Are you familiar with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

Are you able to tell the story in English?

The dwarves were short and strong and hairy. They had long beards.

Did the women have beards as well?

The dwarves mined the gold that was under the ground. They dug tunnels deep into the earth.

Are there any gold mines in the country where you live?

The dwarves accumulated a vast hoard of gold.

Do you own any gold?

The dwarves were ruled by two kings.

Is there a king in your country?

The kings were brothers.

Do you have a brother?

The brothers were called “Nibelung” and “Schilbung”.

The two brothers were incredibly rich.

They had a vast hoard of gold.

Did they hoard it away in a cave?

Nibelung stole the gold from Schilbung.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Nibelung took all the gold out of one cave and put it into another cave.

How long did it take to move the gold from one cave to another cave?

Schilbung discovered the theft.

Was he sad to learn that his brother was a thief?

He argued with his brother.

He wanted the gold back.

He wanted his share.

Is that fair?

The two brothers quarreled.

Do you have a quarrelsome brother?

They decided to separate. They decided to go their separate ways. They did not want to live together any more.

Do you live with other people at the moment?

The two brothers decided to divide the gold. They decided to share it out between the two of them.

Are you greedy?

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It was difficult to divide the gold up. It was very beautiful. There were many nuggets and each one was shaped differently. Some were large and some were small and some had pieces of quartz in them.

Did the brothers have accurate scales to weigh the gold?

Schilbung and Nibelung could not find a way to divvy the gold up fairly.

How would you have divided it up?

The gold that they hoarded was called the Hoard of Nibelung. It was very valuable.

Is gold more valuable than silver?

The gold really belonged to Nibelung and Schilbung so by rights it should have been called: “The Hoard of Schilbung and Nibelung” but it wasn’t. It wasn’t called that. It was called the “Hoard of Nibelung” or “Nibelung’s Gold” or “The Nibelung’s Gold”.

Have you heard of it?

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2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer

In the north of Europe there was a great warrior. His name was Siegfried. He came from the low countries. Have you ever been to Belgium or the Netherlands?
Siegfried was a beautiful young man. Is the truth always beautiful?
He had long hair and fair skin and a brave heart. Is courage important?
He was very strong and brave but he was not arrogant. Arrogance is distasteful, isn’t it?
He was quiet and modest in his personal manner. Are you loud and boastful in your personal manner?
Siegfried was not a braggart. He did not boast. He did not boast and yet he was the best of men. Is your boss a braggart?
Siegfried was the wisest and the strongest and the best looking. Is being good-looking important?
He was also the most honest and the kindest. Which do you value more, honesty or kindness?
Siegfried had a lot going for him.
He had a strong sense of fairplay and he was loyal and he had a good sense of humour too. Do you know any funny jokes?
In many ways Siegfried was the perfect man. He lacked one thing. He did not have a wife. He was lonely. Do you suffer from loneliness?
Siegfried had many adventures. Are you an adventurous person? He fought many knights. What did you do last night?
Siegfried was always the winner. Are you very competitive by nature?
He killed a dragon. Do you know the story of St George and the Dragon?
Everybody knew about Siegfried. He was famous. Everybody had heard about him. His strength and his wisdom and his kindness and tolerance and good nature were famous. He was known as the best of men. He was a real hero. Is your sister good-natured?
Siegfried travelled around Europe and had many experiences. He always learned from his experiences. He was a good student of life. Have you learned more from “the university of life” than from school?
While he was traveling in the mountains Siegfried came upon two brothers. They were arguing. They lived in a cave. Have you ever slept in a cave? It was full of gold. Siegfried looked inside. He saw the immense hoard of gold. He listened to the brothers. Did they stop arguing?
The two dwarf brothers attacked Siegfried. He fought them. He defeated them both. Did he fight them both at the same time or first one and then the other?
After he defeated the two brothers he became the king of the dwarves. The dwarves were called “the Nibelungs” and they were his servants. All of their gold belonged to him. He was rich beyond his wildest dreams. Does wealth come only from gold and silver? Are you wearing any gold jewelery at the moment?
Siegfried was wise and strong and handsome and he was also rich and he had a great sense of humour but he was still lonely. He did not have a wife. He did not have a mate. His heart longed for the love of a woman. Are you lonesome tonight? Do you feel alright?

3. Kriemhild’s Dream

Far down south in Burgundy there was a beautiful princess. Have you ever eaten beef cooked in a burgundy sauce?
The name of the princess was Kriemhild. She was kind and virtuous and very beautiful. Is beauty more important than intelligence?
Kriemhild was ready to marry but she did not have a husband. She was waiting for the right man. Did she look forward to marriage?
One night she had a strange dream. Are you a daydreamer?
In her dream two eagles killed a falcon. Are there eagles in your country?
She told her mother about the dream. Her mother said the dream had a meaning. What do you think it meant?
Her mother said it meant that her husband would die a violent death. Is violent crime a problem in your city?
Kriemhild decided not to marry. She did not want her husband to die a violent death. Does everybody die?
She did not want to become a widow. She tried to foil the prophecy. Is it possible to cheat fate?
She renounced marriage. She promised never to marry. Would you have done the same thing if you were in her situation?
In those days there was no internet dating and there were no computers. People talked to each other and got their news directly from other people by talking. Siegfried heard about Kriemhild. He heard about her and she heard about him. Is love the strongest power in the universe?
As soon as he heard her name, Siegfried fell in love with Kriemhild. He imagined that her skin was like milk and her name was “”Cream. Is cream fattening?
She was “beauty” personified. Are you a beautician?
She was the most beautiful woman in the world. At what age does a girl become a woman?
She was the only one for him. Do you believe in fate?
He was totally infatuated with her. What is the difference between love and infatuation?
He could not get her out of his mind. Do you mind if I open the window?
He was smitten. Totally smitten. He was absolutely totally head over heels in love with her, although he had never met her. Are you wearing high heels?
That is right. He was in love with her but he had never met her. Does that surprise you?
Kriemhild was also in love with Siegfried. She had promised never to marry but in her heart there was still love. Had she been in love before?
In her mind she had formed the image of the perfect man and that man was Siegfried. Everything she had heard about him was perfect. He was brave. He was strong. He was loyal. Which is more important to you, bravery, strength or loyalty?
He was handsome. He was quiet. He was diligent. Of those three, which is the most important to you?
He was modest. He was kind. He was tolerant. Which of those three would you rank as more important?
He was wise. He was funny. He was perfect. Do you believe in the possibility of perfection?
Everything was perfect. Everything about him was perfect. It was perfect. Is god perfect?
She was in love with him. She was in love with him but she had promised never to marry. Are you married?

4. Siegfried’s Trip To Worms

Worms is a place in Germany. Are there worms in your garden? Worms are good for the soil. Are you a keen gardener?
Siegfried came to Worms to sit in the garden by the river and play his lute and sing love ballads to Kriemhild. That was his plan. He wanted to marry her. He had heard about her and he wanted to marry her. Is it normal to ask the father for the bride’s hand in your culture?
Kriemhild ruled Burgundy with her brothers Gunther, Goethe and Floete. Gunther was the eldest and made all the important decisions in the kingdom. Do you have an elder sibling?
Goethe was the next in line and devoted his time to research and self-education and waiting to become king in the event that it was necessary to take over. Do you try to educate yourself?
Floete was a great musician and patron of the arts and organised all the royal entertainment and education. He was kind of like a minister of culture. Do you think cultural assets should be protected by the government?
While he was travelling to Worms, Siegfried stopped and rested by the river. Have you ever been to the Rhine? He caught some fish and he made a fire to cook them. Did he use worms as bait to catch the fish? Suddenly a dragon attacked him. What is the difference between a Chinese dragon and a European dragon? He pulled out his sword and he slew the dragon. He killed it. Have you ever killed an animal?
When he killed the dragon, some of its blood splashed on him. It was magic blood. Dragon’s blood is magic. Did you know that dragon’s blood was magic? The blood of the dragon enabled Siegfried to understand the language of the birds and beasts. Do you know the story of Doctor Dolittle? It is another famous story about a man who could understand the language of the birds and the beasts.
Siegfried could understand what the birds were saying. Can you whistle like a bird?
One of the birds in a nearby tree told him to hang the dragon’s body from the tree and drain its blood. Does that sound horrible to you? Then he was supposed to wash in the blood. Do you wash your hands after you go to the toilet? Washing in dragon blood made him invincible. No weapon could harm him. Are weapons common in your city?
When he was washing in the blood of the dragon, a leaf from a linden tree floated down from the tree and fell on Siegfried’s back. No dragon blood fell on this place and so this was his weak spot. It was his “Achilles heel”. What was Duryodhana’s weak spot in the Mahabharata?
In German the linden tree is symbolic of lovers and of matters of the heart. What is the flower of the heart in your imagination? Siegfried continued on his journey to Worms and the news of his victory over the dragon travelled faster than he did. By the time he arrived in Worms, people had already heard that he had killed the dragon and washed in its blood. Did the birds spread the news of the dragon’s defeat and Siegfried’s invincibility?
In Worms there was a man called Hagen. He was a bad egg. He couldn’t lie straight in bed at night. He had a crooked smile and a crooked nature. He was a slimy scheming crooked character. Do you know anybody like that?
Hagen was very dishonest but many people did not know this. They did not know this because Hagen was clever. He was clever and he was careful. He was careful to pay attention to people in power. He was careful to remain on very good terms with them. He was careful not to make enemies in high places. Do you know anybody like that?
Hagen was an advisor to King Gunther. What is the name of the King of Sweden?
Hagen had heard the story of Siegfried and the dragon’s blood. He remembered it well. Do you have a good memory?
Everybody loved Siegfried. He was extremely popular with the common people everywhere. This made him very very powerful. Do you think power always corrupts? It made him politically dangerous. Is politics a dangerous business in your country?
Hagen was a very political man.
He was very ambitious and he wanted power
He was very ambitious and he wanted power but he could not get it by fighting
He was very ambitious and he wanted power but he could not get it by fighting because he was not strong enough.
He was very ambitious and he wanted power but he could not get it by fighting because he was not strong enough so he tried to get more power by scheming and negotiating.
He was very ambitious and he wanted power but he could not get it by fighting because he was not strong enough so he tried to get more power by scheming and negotiating and playing people against each other.
Do you know the expression, “divide and conquer”?
Hagen told King Gunther about Siegfried and the dragon’s blood. Was Gunther jealous? He warned him about Siegfried’s power. He warned him to hide his sister. Kriemhild stayed in the tower.
Kriemhild stayed in the tower and watched Siegfried arrive.
Kriemhild stayed in the tower and watched Siegfried arrive but she did not want to meet him.
Kriemhild stayed in the tower and watched Siegfried arrive but she did not want to meet him because she did not want to break her vow.
Do you always keep your promises?
Siegfried wanted to meet Kriemhild but nobody offered to introduce him. Everybody was a little afraid of Siegfried. Suddenly there was some bad news. Another tribe of Germans was attacking. Have you been to Germany? They were the Saxons. Who are the Anglo-Saxons? Siegfried helped Gunther to defeat the Saxons. They became friends. Is your best friend a friend from military service?

5. The Plan to Win the Hand of Bruenhild

Gunther wanted to marry Bruenhild. Do you want to get married? Bruenhild was the virgin Queen of Iceland. Is virgin olive oil easy to find near your house? She did not have a husband. She wanted to marry a warrior. Is there a war in your country? She was very beautiful. Gunther had heard about her and he wanted her to be his bride. Had he heard more about her beauty or her strength?
Gunther asked Siegfried to help him.
He asked Siegfried to help him to win the hand of Bruenhild.
He asked Siegfried to help him to win the hand of Bruenhild in marriage.
He asked him to help him to win her hand in marriage.
Is same sex marriage legal in your state?
Meanwhile Kriemhild sat each day by the window and dreamed of the man who she had heard of; the perfect man: Siegfried the Dragonslayer. One day Siegfried looked up at the window and he saw her and she saw him.
Siegfried asked to marry Kriemhild. He told Gunther that he would help him to win Bruenhild’s hand if Gunther allowed him to marry Kriemhild. Does that sound fair?
Gunther and Goethe and Fleote and Hagen and Siegfried set sail on a ship. They sailed up to Iceland. Have you ever been to Iceland?
Bruenhild met them at the dock. She invited them all to marry her. Is polygamous marriage common in your society?
She said anyone could marry her but first he had to defeat her in three competitions. Do you have a strong competitive nature?
The competitions were to be in spear throwing, boulder-tossing and wrestling. Do you think all wrestling matches are fixed?
Then she picked up a huge boulder and hurled it into the air. Did you throw stones when you were a kid? The boulder flew across the harbour and splashed into the sea. All of the men were terrified. They ran below deck and consulted each other.
Gunther was afraid Bruenhild would fall in love with Siegfried because Siegfried was the best of men. Siegfried did not want this either. He loved Kriemhild. Is loyalty the most important virtue?
Siegfried pretended to be Gunther’s servant so his social status was too low for Bruenhild. Is marriage across social class a taboo in your society? He could not marry her.
She did not recognise him because Iceland was far away across the sea and news of his exploits had not travelled that far. Have you ever lived in a remote place where news did not travel fast?
Gunther was still very scared and did not know what to do. Did you get panic attacks? He asked Siegfried for help.
Siegfried had a magic cloak. He had obtained it on one of his previous adventures. It had the power to make him invisible. It was a cloak of invisibility. It also gave him the strength of twelve men. How many people can sit comfortably at your dining room table?
When Siegfried put on the cloak he became invisible and he was as strong as twelve men. Nobody could see him and nobody could beat him. Using his cloak of invisibility, Siegfried secretly helped Gunther to defeat Bruenhild. That is dishonest, isn’t it?
He beat her at boulder throwing. He beat her at spear throwing. He also beat her at wrestling but he did it all with Siegfried’s help. He cheated. He cheated and Siegfried helped him. Have you ever cheated in a competition? Have you ever told a lie?
After Bruenhild’s defeat, she was very impressed with Gunther’s strength. She was very impressed and she agreed to marry him. Do you think first impressions are important?
They all travelled back to Burgundy. Back in Burgundy Siegfried married Kriemhild. Have you been to a wedding recently?
This made Bruenhild suspicious. It made her suspicious because Siegfried was supposed to be the servant of King Gunther. He was not supposed to be his social equal. He was supposed to be his inferior. He should not have been able to marry the king’s sister in that day and age. Are there any impediments to free marriage in your society?
Kriemhild went to live with Siegfried despite her vow to never marry. The wedding of Bruenhild and Gunther came soon after. On the wedding night King Gunther tried to consummate the marriage but Bruenhild was too strong for him. She would not allow him to make love to her. When he put his arms around her, she wrestled him to the ground. Have you ever participated in a wrestling match?
She wrestled him to the ground then she tied him up. She tied him up with a piece of rope. Are you good at tying knots?
She left him tied up on the floor all night. He was very embarressed. Which is more painful, embarressment or jealousy?
Gunther asked Siegfried for help. Siegfried is a very willing helper, isn’t he?
He asked Siegfried to put on the cloak of invisibility and climb into bed with them. He asked him to force Bruenhild to have sex with him. Would you have helped?
That night Siegfried put on the cloak of invisibility and climbed into bed with Bruenhild and Gunther. There was a long struggle under the blankets and some people say that Siegfried did not make love to Bruenhild but some people say that he did. After she lost her virginity, Bruenhild lost her incredible strength and Gunther was able to control her. Siegfried took Bruenhild’s belt and gave it to Kriemhild. That is an incredible story, isn’t it?
Do virgins have incredible strength in your country?

6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion

After the first night, making love was not the same for Breunhild. It always seemed different. She did not understand why. She did not understand why Siegfried was married to Kriemhild and she did not understand why her husband was not the same as on the first night. Is Vegemite the same as Promite?
She came up with a plan. She invited Kriemhild and Siegfried to Worms for a feast. What are the three most important festivals in your calendar?
When it was time to enter the cathedral Bruenhild told Kriemhild that she must follow as she was of inferior social rank. Is there a cathedral in your city?
Kriemhild insisted that she was the sister of the King and therefore equal in status to the Queen. Does your sister insist on equality?
Bruenhild became angry. Can anger be compared to a dark cloud?
She asked Kriemhild why she was married to her social inferior. Kriemhild said that Siegfried was not her social inferior. Do you think leather is inferior to plastic?
Then she told Bruenhild that she, Bruenhild, was really Siegfried’s concubine or secondary wife. Is there a lot of secondary or manufacturing industry in your city?
She told her that Siegfried had deflowered her on the first night using the cloak of invisibility, although she did not know it. What flower is in season in your garden right now?
And so Bruenhild was in fact lower in status than Kriemhild. Which is lower, the Netherlands or the Dead Sea?
It was completely wrong. It was completely the other way around. Bruenhild had it completely wrong. She had it completely the other way around. Have you ever gotten things completely wrong?
Then Kriemhild showed Bruenhild the belt which Siegfried had given her. Are you wearing a leather belt right now?
This proved everything in Bruenhild’s mind. It proved that Gunther was a scoundrel. You are not a scoundrel, are you?
Bruenhild was furious. She was livid. She was brimming with anger. In a rage she attacked her husband. Do you get violent when you are angry?
Everybody was very upset. Hagen blamed everything on Siegfried. He said they should kill Siegfried. Hagen is a very cunning opportunist, isn’t he?
Gunther insisted that Siegfried was a good friend. Hagen insisted that Siegfried was a threat. He was a threat to the marriage of Gunther and Bruenhild. He was a threat to the marriage of the king and queen. He was therefore a threat to the stability of the kingdom. Goethe and Floete agreed. Finally Gunther gave in and agreed to the plan. Are you sometimes weak-willed?

7. Hagen’s Plan

Hagen said that the Saxons were going to attack again. Have you ever been to Saxony? Siegfried promised to help. Are you a helpful person? He was a good friend and brother-in-law to Gunther. Do you have a brother-in-law or a sister-in-law?
Siegfried got some of the Nibelung Hoard and used it to hire an army of mercenaries. The gold was very useful in time of war.
Actually the Saxons were not attacking and there was no danger. It was a trick. Have you ever been completely taken in by a trick?
Kriemhild loved Siegfried very much. He loved her too. Love is the strongest power in the universe, isn’t it?
Hagen pretended to be a good and trustworthy friend of Siegfried. Kriemhild thought that Hagen was a good and trustworthy friend. Are you a good and trustworthy friend?
Hagen promised to protect Siegfried in battle. He asked Kriemhild about Siegfried’s weak spot. He wanted to know which place to protect with special care and attention. It was a place on his back. Do you have a sore back? Kriemhild sewed a patch on his cloak at the weak spot. It marked the only place where Siegfried was not invincible. Does Kriemhild seem somehow naive and dim-witted to you?
After the soldiers from Burgundy realised that there was nobody to fight, they returned home. Are you at home right now? Hagen travelled with Siegfried. Have you ever travelled by horse? They rode through the forest. They stopped for a drink. Do you take enough liquid? Hagen killed Siegfried with a spear while he was drinking from a pond. Is it ok to drink from mountain streams?
What a dirty trick! What a treachorous villain! Hagen was so crooked that he could not lie straight in bed at night. (hyperbole) (the exaggeration indicates the veracity and significance of the point.)
Siegfried was bending over. His back was turned. He was not facing Hagen. He was not facing Hagen but Hagen was facing him. Hagen was facing his back. Hagen threw the spear and it went straight into Siegfried’s back. It went into the place where the linden leaf had fallen on his shoulder. It killed him. It was the only place where he was not invincible and the spear thrust killed him. He lay by the pond and died. Is that an honourable death?
Hagen took the body back to Worms. He said that Siegfried had been killed in a hunting accident. He stole the Nibelung gold and threw it into the river. It was called the Rhinegold after that. Are you familiar with Wagner’s opera: “Das Rheingold”. Hagen was afraid that Kriemhild would use the gold to raise an army of mercenaries and attack him and take revenge for the murder of her husband. He threw the gold in the river to get rid of it. The world was safer and more stable without it. Do you understand his point of view?
Kriemhild was devastated. She was devastated to learn that Siegfried had been killed. She was overcome wth grief. She broke down and wept. Is that how you grieve?
It was terrible. The prophecy had been fulfilled. Her husband had been killed in a violent accident. He had died a violent death. It was just as her mother had said. It was just as the dream foretold. Do you write down dreams in a journal each morning?
The griefstricken Kriemhild stayed alone for a long time. Do you think time heals all wounds?Finally an invitation came to marry from a king who lived across the Danube. Was the Danube blue in Strauss’s time? The name of the king was King Etzel. He took Kriemhild as his second wife and she lived in his kingdom. He was not a christian. He was a muslim. Are you a christian or a muslim? Is it possible to be both?

8. Kriemhild’s Revenge

Kriemhild could not forget her love of Siegfried and she could not forget the pain of his loss. Have you been to the dentist recently? She did not believe that Siegfried had been killed by accident. Do you think that some dentists try to hurt you on purpose? She thought that he had been murdered. Does murder carry the death penalty in your state? She wanted revenge. Revenge is unchristian, isn’t it?
After she married King Etzel, Kriemhild lived in Hungary. Have you been to Budapest? She gave birth to a son. Are you an only son? Her relatives from Burgundy were invited to the baptism ceremony. Have you been baptised? Hagen and Gunther travelled together with a large contingent of Burgundian soldiers. Do you drink burgundy? When they crossed the Danube they saw a naked woman standing in the river. Do you prefer to swim in the river or at the beach? She warned them that everybody would be killed except one monk. Do oyu have a relative who became a monk?There was one monk who was travelling with them. Hagen tried to drown him to foil the prophecy but the monk survived. Is belief in prophecy common in your country?
When the Burgundians arrived in Hungary, they were warned to be careful. Are there warning signs at the beach in your country? They were warned by Dietrich of Bern. Where is Bern? Bern is in Switzerland. It is in the German part of Switzerland. Dietrich was an ally of King Etzel.
After the greetings Kriemhild confronted Hagen and accused him of the murder of Siegfried. Do you send greeting cards at New Year or Christmas? She also accused him of the theft of the Nibelung Gold. Did she accuse him of anything else?
Hagen admitted the crimes but blamed them on Kriemhild’s bad behaviour. Do you think Kriemhild was blameworthy?
He said she was to blame for the unhappiness between Bruenhild and Gunther. Happiness is a state of mind, isn’t it?
He also blamed her for the death of her own husband. Then he excused the theft of the gold by saying it was to promote political stability.
If Kriemhild had had the gold, she would have used it to raise an army of mercenaries. have you ever been in the army?
There would have been a war. Is there a war in your country?
Many people would have been killed. Is death the end?
The dynasty might have ended. The kingdom might have been conquered. Anything might have happened.
Kriemhild was furious. She blamed Hagen for the murder of her husband. He justified his actions by political expediency. Have you ever been on an expedition?
Outside a fight started between Burgundians and Huns. Do muslims and christians fight in your city? King Etzel was the King of the Huns. When the fight started, Hagen drew his sword and killed Kriemhild’s son. Are you wearing a sword?
There was a terrific battle. All of the Burgundians were killed except Hagen and Gunther. They were captured. Kriemhild ordered her brother killed in front of her. Then she asked Hagen for Nibelung’s Gold. Hagen refused to reveal the location of the treasure. Have you ever read “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson? He refused to tell her where it was. Then Kriemhild cut off his head with her own hand. Do you have a steady hand?
An old warrior called Hildebrand was in the court as a servant of Dietrich of Bern. He was infuriated by the killing of so many people and he killed Kriemhild with one stroke of his sword. He struck her so hard that she was cut in two. At first it seemed as if the sword had not harmed her. When she knelt to bend over, her torso fell off her legs. He had cut her in two. Do you think divorce should be illegal?
Hildebrand was an honourable old man. He was disgusted by all the killing. Everybody agreed with him. Everybody lamented the death of so many noble people. It was a very very sad story. It was a tragedy. Do you prefer slapstick or black comedy?

Epilogue: 9.The Gold at the bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

The name of the river which flowed through Worms was the Rhine. Have you seen the film: “The Name of the Rose”? The gold was at the bottom of the Rhine. Nobody knew it was there. Nobody knew that it was there. Nobody human knew that it was there. Are you a ghost?
It was guarded by three maidens. They were water spirits and they lived at the bottom of the river. Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden? The three Rhine maidens guarded the gold against theft. Have you ever worked for a security company? The three Rhine maidens guarded the Nibelung’s Gold against theft. Do you know Wagner’s music and opera which includes this scene?
The three Rhine maidens were very beautiful. Is beauty more important than truth? An ugly old dwarf by the name of Alberich dived into the river. Did you say that you knew the story of Snow white and the Seven Dwarves, or that you didn’t?
He saw the gold gleaming on the bottom of the river. He swam up to it. Can you do backstroke? Then he saw the Rhine maidens who were guarding it. He was enchanted by their beauty. He was transfixed. He stared at them. He stared at them and he thought they were beautiful. He admired their beauty. He was enchanted by it. He was hypnotised by them. He tried to persuade them to play with him and to go away with him but they laughed at him. Is rejection more painful than loss?
The ugly old dwarf called Alberich swam up to them and tried to woo them. They laughed at him because he was ugly. They humiliated him. Then they continued their singing and dancing.
They sang that if someone could steal the Rhinegold then he could rule the world.
They sang that if someone could steal the Rhinegold then he could rule the world but nobody could do that.
They sang that if someone could steal the Rhinegold then he could rule the world but nobody could do that because first you had to renounce love.
They sang that if someone could steal the Rhinegold then he could rule the world but nobody could do that because first you had to renounce love and swear never to know the joy of human love.
Is love the most powerful force in the universe?
Alberich was listening. In his bitterness and humiliation he renounced love and stole the gold and ran off with it.
Have you ever eaten chicken in lemon sauce?

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The Story of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and of his Beautiful Wife, Kriemhild and of his Tragic Murder and of her Terrible Revenge

Title Page
1. Nibelung’s Gold
2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
3. Kriemhild’s Dream
4. Siegfried’s Trip to Worms
5. The Plan to win the Hand of Bruenhild
6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion
7. Hagen’s Plan
8. Kriemhild’s Revenge
9. Epilogue : The Gold at the Bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

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