2. Siegfried the DragonSlayer

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The Story of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and of his Beautiful Wife, Kriemhild and of his Tragic Murder and of her Terrible Revenge

Title Page
1. Nibelung’s Gold
2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
3. Kriemhild’s Dream
4. Siegfried’s Trip to Worms
5. The Plan to win the Hand of Bruenhild
6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion
7. Hagen’s Plan
8. Kriemhild’s Revenge
9. Epilogue : The Gold at the Bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

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  1. mahdi says:

    this history is very very important for people like me
    it’s helping how to lessening English to understand b/c lessening is a big part that u cant learning English I very glad to going on my lesson directly so we are so very much to teaching English by online .


  2. I like so much this story and also the questions. These questins is very important for us to develop our language.
    I’d like to answer some questions:
    I never have been to Belgiun or Netherlands. I have been to Italy, France, Italy, Germany, New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, and other foreign cities.
    Courage when used to right side is important.
    Arrongante sure, is distasfeful.
    These two qualities are very important. Both of them.
    I’m competitive for nature. As a College (in Brazil we call University or Degree Course) teacher I must to develop that quality on my pupils.
    Then, I feel alright.
    Yours faithfully
    Paschoal De Mario

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