8. Kriemhild’s Revenge

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Kriemhild could not forget her love of Siegfried and she could not forget the pain of his loss.

Have you been to the dentist recently?

She did not believe that Siegfried had been killed by accident.

Do you think that some dentists try to hurt you on purpose?

She thought that he had been murdered.

Does murder carry the death penalty in your state?

She wanted revenge.

Revenge is unchristian, isn’t it?

After she married King Etzel, Kriemhild lived in Hungary.

Have you been to Budapest?

She gave birth to a son.

Are you an only son?

Her relatives from Burgundy were invited to the baptism ceremony.

Have you been baptised?

Hagen and Gunther traveled together with a large contingent of Burgundian soldiers.

Do you drink burgundy?

When they crossed the Danube they saw a naked woman standing in the river.

Do you prefer to swim in the river or at the beach?

She warned them that everybody would be killed except one monk.

Do you have a relative who became a monk?

There was one monk who was traveling with them. Hagen tried to drown him to foil the prophecy but the monk survived.

Is belief in prophecy common in your country?

When the Burgundians arrived in Hungary, they were warned to be careful.

Are there warning signs at the beach in your country?

They were warned by Dietrich of Bern.

Where is Bern?

Bern is in Switzerland. It is in the German part of Switzerland. Dietrich was an ally of King Etzel.
After the greetings Kriemhild confronted Hagen and accused him of the murder of Siegfried.

Do you send greeting cards at New Year or Christmas?

She also accused him of the theft of the Nibelung Gold.

Did she accuse him of anything else?

Hagen admitted the crimes but blamed them on Kriemhild’s bad behaviour.

Do you think Kriemhild was blameworthy?

He said she was to blame for the unhappiness between Bruenhild and Gunther.

Happiness is a state of mind, isn’t it?

He also blamed her for the death of her own husband. Then he excused the theft of the gold by saying it was to promote political stability.
If Kriemhild had had the gold, she would have used it to raise an army of mercenaries.

Have you ever been in the army?

There would have been a war.

Is there a war in your country?

Many people would have been killed.

Is death the end?

The dynasty might have ended. The kingdom might have been conquered. Anything might have happened.
Kriemhild was furious. She blamed Hagen for the murder of her husband. He justified his actions by political expediency.

Have you ever been on an expedition?

Outside a fight started between Burgundians and Huns.

Do muslims and christians fight in your city?

King Etzel was the King of the Huns. When the fight started, Hagen drew his sword and killed Kriemhild’s son.

Are you wearing a sword?

There was a terrific battle. All of the Burgundians were killed except Hagen and Gunther. They were captured. Kriemhild ordered her brother killed in front of her. Then she asked Hagen for Nibelung’s Gold. Hagen refused to reveal the location of the treasure.

Have you ever read “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson?

He refused to tell her where it was. Then Kriemhild cut off his head with her own hand.

Do you have a steady hand?

An old warrior called Hildebrand was in the court as a servant of Dietrich of Bern. He was infuriated by the killing of so many people and he killed Kriemhild with one stroke of his sword. He struck her so hard that she was cut in two. At first it seemed as if the sword had not harmed her. When she knelt to bend over, her torso fell off her legs. He had cut her in two.

Do you think divorce should be illegal?

Hildebrand was an honourable old man. He was disgusted by all the killing. Everybody agreed with him. Everybody lamented the death of so many noble people. It was a very very sad story. It was a tragedy.

Do you prefer slapstick or black comedy?

The Story of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer and of his Beautiful Wife, Kriemhild and of his Tragic Murder and of her Terrible Revenge

Title Page
1. Nibelung’s Gold
2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
3. Kriemhild’s Dream
4. Siegfried’s Trip to Worms
5. The Plan to win the Hand of Bruenhild
6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion
7. Hagen’s Plan
8. Kriemhild’s Revenge
9. Epilogue : The Gold at the Bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

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