1. Nibelung’s Gold

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Long ago in Europe there was a race of dwarves.

Are you familiar with the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves?

Are you able to tell the story in English?

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The dwarves were short and strong and hairy. They had long beards.

Did the women have beards as well?

The dwarves mined the gold that was under the ground. They dug tunnels deep into the earth.

Are there any gold mines in the country where you live?

The dwarves accumulated a vast hoard of gold.

Do you own any gold?

The dwarves were ruled by two kings.

Is there a king in your country?

The kings were brothers.

Do you have a brother?

The brothers were called “Nibelung” and “Schilbung”.

The two brothers were incredibly rich.

They had a vast hoard of gold.

Did they hoard it away in a cave?

Nibelung stole the gold from Schilbung.

Have you ever stolen anything?

Nibelung took all the gold out of one cave and put it into another cave.

How long did it take to move the gold from one cave to another cave?

Schilbung discovered the theft.

Was he sad to learn that his brother was a thief?

He argued with his brother.

He wanted the gold back.

He wanted his share.

Is that fair?

The two brothers

Do you have a quarrelsome brother?

They decided to separate. They decided to go their separate ways. They did not want to live together any more.

Do you live with other people at the moment?

The two brothers decided to divide the gold. They decided to share it out between the two of them.

Are you greedy?

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It was difficult to divide the gold up. It was very beautiful. There were many nuggets and each one was shaped differently. Some were large and some were small and some had pieces of quartz in them.

Did the brothers have accurate scales to weigh the gold?

Schilbung and Nibelung could not find a way to divvy the gold up fairly.

How would you have divided it up?

The gold that they hoarded was called the Hoard of Nibelung. It was very valuable.

Is gold more valuable than silver?

The gold really belonged to Nibelung and Schilbung so by rights it should have been called: “The Hoard of Schilbung and Nibelung” but it wasn’t. It wasn’t called that. It was called the “Hoard of Nibelung” or “Nibelung’s Gold” or “The Nibelung’s Gold”.

Have you heard of it?

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Title Page
1. Nibelung’s Gold
2. Siegfried the Dragon Slayer
3. Kriemhild’s Dream
4. Siegfried’s Trip to Worms
5. The Plan to win the Hand of Bruenhild
6. Bruenhild’s Suspicion
7. Hagen’s Plan
8. Kriemhild’s Revenge
9. Epilogue : The Gold at the Bottom of the River and the Ring of Power

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