How Was the First Part?

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Download Love and Death Audio

Part Two is ready at this link: Love and Death Part Two: Siegfried the Dragonslayer

Did you read Love and Death part one: Nibelung’s Gold?

Was it too easy?

If it was too easy, try a a harder story: The Banjo Player’s Brother

Was it too hard?

If it was too hard, try an easier story: The Big Dream

Link to The Big Dream

easy – easier – the easiest

Was it just right?

too easy – just right – too hard

If it was just right, move on to the second part: Part Two: Siegfried the Dragon Slayer

Part Two – Things you can do with Siegfried


You can listen to the audio for free: free audio.


You can read the text: text


You can answer the questions: questions and answers


You can practice speaking with a partner for free on skype: practice speaking on skype


You can buy the whole three hours of audio: audio sales page

The Bearded Lady

Did you read the reference the bearded lady in Nibelung’s Gold?

Link to Notes and Transcript

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