The Bearded Lady – Comparatives

The Interviewer: Do you style it?
The Bearded Lady: Not really. The goattee …It really grows like a goatee as you see …

a goat – an animal
a goatee – a style of beard like a goat’s beard

Interviewer: Yeah.
Bearded Lady: So I just shorten it … now and then because if it gets too long its a bit … (???)

I shorten it – I make it shorter
I lengthen it – I make it longer

Present Perfect Tense – Love with a Bearded Lady

Bearded Lady: I think I am more ready to have a relationship again ..

Interviewer:More ready because you are more confident than you ever have been? I mean like we said to begin with … you said that that having this beard makes you feel incredibly sexy …

Bearded Lady:I feel more comfortable in myself and I know myself better than when I was younger.

Does the bearded lady have Nibelung’s Gold?

Comparatives of Adjectives

older – younger

more ready – less ready

feel more confident
feel less confident

Learn more at this link: Adjectives

The Grammar and Vocabulary focus of Love and Death part 2: Siegfried the Dragon Slayer is

Adjectives and Comparatives

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  1. basel says:

    Very useful , the comparative of adjectives, and look at very thoughtful words goatee And the smart usage of the adjective short as a vital verb (shorten)…..etc
    Give me more , thanks a lot

    Truly: Basel Asslman

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