The Business Trip – Easy Business English

The Business Trip CD

The Business Trip is an Easy English dialog lesson series with questions and answers for beginning learners. It is a free business English course. It is about Mr. Tanaka, who travels to the United States on a business trip. It contains 54 short episodes, followed by a series of questions and answers.

The Business Trip download (118.5 MB) consists of one PDF text file and three mp3 files, altogether over two hours of English Mp3 audio with transcripts. Listen to the three mp3 audio files in order and improve your English for business purposes:

  • English Mp3 File #1: Dialog (23:09) – Listen.
  • English Mp3 File #2: Dialog with questions and answers (58:00) – Listen and repeat.
  • English Mp3 File #3: Dialog with questions (48:31) – Listen and answer the questions.

Download The Business Trip now.

The image used in the CD cover above is cut from Busy Man by JanneM and, like The Business Trip, is published under a creative commons license.

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