The History of Pirate Island – Notes

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There is/There was – Existence

A long time ago, there was a large island. There were three kingdoms in the island. There were three kingdoms and there were three kings.

Have you seen “the existence page? You can read more about there is/there are/there was/there were at the Existence Page. Click this link: The Existence Page.

The Idea of One

The three kings united. They united and formed a union. It was a union of three kingdoms. Three kingdoms became one. The name of the union was “the United Kingdom”.

You can read more about the idea of “union” and “forming one unit at this link: Be Aware Lesson Six

Look at these verbs:

unite – united
form a union – formed a union

Three Kingdoms – A List

One was the kingdom of the the land.
One was the kingdom of the sea.
One was the kingdom of the sky.

Have you read “the Romance of the Three Kingdoms”

There were three kingdoms in the union.

Past Simple Tense – Details and Description

The king of the land was a farmer.
The king of the sea was a pirate.
The king of the sky was a bird.

Together these three ruled over all the people on the island.

The king of the land made laws of the land.
The king of the sea made laws of the sea.
The king of the sky made rules about heaven and the church and religion and spiritual matters.

Attacks on the Three Kingdoms by Raiders

Some times people from other islands attacked the people in the island of the three kingdoms.

They came in boats.
They were pirates and murderers.
They raped and pillaged.
They killed and plundered.
They burned and looted.

The three kings protected their island from the foreign raiders.

The king of the land raised armies.
The king of the sea built ships and created a navy.
The king of the sky watched the heavens and prayed.

The army protected the land.
The navy sailed around the island and attacked ships from other countries.
The ordinary people listened to the king of the sky and prayed and worked and enjoyed their lives.

The Navy and the Admirals

Over time the navy became more and more powerful. The ships of the king of the sea sailed to other islands and attacked them. They returned with plunder and they built more ships and hired more sailors. The navy grew and grew.

Nobody attacked the big island now. Nobody attacked it but still the navy grew. The navy grew and grew and grew and the king of the sea made many captains to control the ships but there were too many captains so he made admirals to control the captains.

The navy grew more. It continued to grow and the big island grew richer and richer with plunder from the navy’s raids on other countries. The united kingdom grew richer. The navy grew bigger.

The number of ships increased.
The number of captains increased.
The number of admirals increased.

The Wealth of Nations

The wealth of the nation increased.

It was a very prosperous time.
It was a very very prosperous time.
It was a very very prosperous time for the united kingdom.
It was a very prosperous time for the united kingdom but it was not a prosperous time for the other countries.

The navy from the united kingdom attacked and plundered other countries. It created colonies and protectorates. It enslaved people and sold them like cattle. The navy of the united kingdom became a navy of pirates. The big island became an island of pirates.

When they talked they went “aarrrrrhhhhhh”.
When they drank, they drank rum.
When they ate, they ate beef.
When they fought, they used swords and knives.

They were terrible dangerous murderers. Everybody was afraid of them

The pirates grew more and more powerful. The admirals grew more and more powerful. They grew more powerful and they grew richer. They wanted to control the king. They argued with the king. They threatened him. They frightened him.

They took control of him.
They intimidated him and they took control of him.

Many people argued with the king of the sea.

The king of the land argued with the king of the sea.
The king of the sky argued with the king of the sea.

The common people argued with the pirates. It was a terrible time.

The admirals controlled the king of the sea. They murdered the king of the land. They tried to murder the king of the sky. They tried to murder the king of the sky but he escaped. The king of the sky escaped.

Now the king of the sea controlled the land. He ruled over the land and all its people. He also ruled over the sky but he was not a pious man and god did not speak to him so there was no religion. There was only business and piracy.

The Admirals were Pirates

The admirals controlled the sea.

They had fleets of ships.
They had fleets of pirate ships.
They had fleets of pirate ships with many sailors on them.
They had fleets of pirate ships with many pirates on them.

Now the admirals controlled the king of the sea and the king of the sea controlled the land so the law of the sea became the law of the land and everybody forgot about the old law of the land. Everybody forgot about the law of the land and the law of the sky. The law of the sea was the only law.

It replaced all other laws.
It replaced everything else.

It super-ceded the law of the land and the law of the sky.

The law of the sea became the only law.
The law of the admirals became the only law.
The law of the pirates became the only law.

The name of the new system of law was “admiralty law.

It still survives today.
Admiralty law is the law of the sea.

All countries are colonies of pirate island.
All courts are admiralty courts.
All governments are servants of the king of the sea.
All people are slaves to the king of the sea.

The king of the sea is a queen now. The king of the land is hiding, but he will come back. The king of the sky is watching. He will also return.


There is no justice.
There is no justice on the land.
There is no justice on the land because there is no law of the land.
There is no justice in the land because there is only the law of the sea.
There is no justice on land because only the law of the sea applies.
There is no justice in the land because nobody remembers the law of the land.
There is no justice in the land because nobody remembers the law of the sky.

The Modern Situation

The situation continues. Read about the modern day problem with the United Kingdom at this link:

Admiralty Law and the Crown of the United Kingdom

The system of admiralty law is unjust. The pirates make the rules.

Let’s continue the story a little further.

The navy of pirate island grew larger and larger. The admirals invaded many other countries. They invaded many countries and created many new colonies.

The people in pirate island were simple people. They were simple people and they were farmers and herders.

Land Enclosure

The admirals controlled the king. They made new laws. They built fences. They closed off the land. They enclosed it. Before it was free but they made it private.

The people could not farm. They could not herd. They moved to the cities.

Some of them became pirates.
Some of them became thieves.

Many of them went to other colonies to start a new life.

The admirals controlled everything.

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