Using “Would” and “Used to”

“Used to” has several functions, for example to describe “being used to something:

I am not used to working overtime.

It can also come before a verb:

I used to live in Japan.

In the conversation with a sheepman called, Archie we hear:

“Emmaville” used to be called “Vegetable Creek”.


There used to be a lot of Chinese people growing vegetables here.”


Emmaville used to produce 400,000 tons of tine per year.

This is to show a repeated action or state, which has now stopped.

The Use of “Would”

“Would” has several functions. One function is to describe a repeated action in the past, whch no longer happens, for example:

I would take the long way and walk by the river if I had time.

In Conversation with a Sheep Man we hear:

It was a bit nasty when you would get a storm or something like that because, so as you had dry clothes and what you had with you, you would stuff up a log and then you would probably sit in the nude out in the rain till it was over.

and later:

And you were saying before sometimes if you didn’t have much food, you would kill a kangaroo and eat that.

The use of “would” is a little more limited tahn “used to”. “Used to” can be used to describe ongoing states like:

“I used to live there” but we do not say “I would live there.”

We prefer “I used to live there.

“Would is only used for actions like verbs of movement in this conversation with a South African Woman:
It used to be called the Western Transvaal

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